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10 simple ways to use tassels in your life

Tassels are a popular item and it’s no wonder why. They are simple and can be made from a variety of materials that glitter or sway. We love these sweet embellishments because they turn any item into the life of the party. Boring necklace? Add some tassels. Sad-looking bag? Add some tassels. Blank wall? Tassels are the answer!

The pendant tassel lights above is a perfect example of how tassels can take anything ordinary to extraordinary.

Wrapping paper isn’t the only answer to a pretty package when there are tassels to tie on!

A few tassels are the simple answer to a wreath to celebrate any occasion.

Tassel garlands are a hot item right now and it’s easy to see why when they are made from gold foil.

Hanging metallic animal figurines just wouldn’t be the same without a tassel or two to brighten their style.

If you need an extra boost of color, go bold with a statement piece like this ombre tassel necklace.

Or try a subtle approach with a simple tassel keychain to bring your leather bag to life.

Photo shoot? Baby shower? Tassels on balloons are sure to take your party from pretty good to amazing.

Show off your style with tassel earrings that bring all the attention to your sweet smile.

Even if you lack cake decorating skills, these tassel cake toppers promise to bring any sweet treat to the next level.


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