10 ways to spell love

Love… love… love! Roses and candy are one way to share your feelings, but why not get a little creative this year? Use these ten love-ly inspirations to spell your favorite word – even at the last minute. Chances are, you have the materials for at least one of these DIYs lying around your home, now get started already!

10 Ways Spell Love

1. flower petals – penelope & pip | 2. conversation hearts – a subtle revelry | 3. felt note – say yes | 4. giant gold sequins – pop cosmo | 5. ombre sparkles – lia griffith | 6. painted clay – ehow crafts | 7. chalkboard vases – a subtle revelry | 8. glitter banner – lovely indeed | 9. washi tape – traveling mama | 10. string art – que linda

PS. How to say love in another language.

Graphic done in collaboration with Lindsey Campbell.

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