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100 Reasons to Celebrate the Holidays

100 Reasons to Celebrate the Holidays

I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with feasts and joy. To welcome in the first day of the Christmas holiday season I’ve compiled a list of my most favorite links for celebrating. Festive ideas, crafty projects and 100 reasons I’ve found to celebrate this holiday season. xoxo

1. Glass bubble tree
2. The traveler’s tree
3. Hamburger wrapping paper
4. 10 tips for a winter body
5. Candy lights 
6. Holiday knit gift tags
7. 3-D gingerbread cookies
8. Perfect socks for the cozy fire
9. A pipe for your favorite man
10. Decorated ornament cozies

21. Homemade Christmas tree ornaments
22. Holiday cheese boards
23. A crimson holiday
24. You need to see this frost

25. Paris Christmas lights

26. Vintage Christmas bingo markers
27. Vintage Christmas stamps
28. Almost perfect
29. Felt Christmas Cards

30. Cocoa candy cane marshmallows
31. Star Garland
32. DIY instacards
33. Peace, love and reindeer hugs
34. For cooking and cooks everywhere
35. Flowers that will last all winter long
36. A vintage velvet wreath for the door
37. Mooses to enjoy

38. Accorn ornaments

39. Peppermint meringues

40. Rice paper stars

41. Circle garland kit
42. Candy bar advent calendar
43. Finger print Christmas cards
44. Pearls on a string
45. Candy cane Ganache
46. Crepe paper wrapping
47. Red striped cups are a holiday must have
48. Fussless Christmas decor
49. Candles in the dark
50. Fuzzy pink wreath

51. Boxwood and paperweights
52. Christmas in a jar
53. Create a wrapping station
54. Christmas photo inspiration
55. Elf napkins
56. Confetti room
57. Candy stripe font 
58. An upside down snowman
59. Wreath in process (above)
60. Christmas tree favors

61. Lantern kit
62. Darling bow
63. Hot Chocolate with homemade marshmallows
64. Cranberry wreath
65. This eggnog fudge looks amazing
66. Vintage roller skate centerpiece
67. Bringing home the Christmas Tree
68. Standing Rib Roast
69. Cardboard Christmas tree

70. Sheet music Christmas tree

71. Paper lantern

72. Wicker wreath
73. Chalkboard Christmas Tree
74. Star of David DIY
75. Felt winter wreath
76. Bookshelf tree
77. Button garland
78. A holiday dress and a string of lights
79. Gorgeous kids party

80. Bright guest room corner

81. Monogram trophies
82. Colorful Christmas sign
83. Four step facial to cue winter blues
84. Top 20 Christmas books
85. Rainbow felt garland
86. Sad gingerbread men
87. Ornament garland
88. Golden disco ball
89. Pinboard Christmas tree
90. Digital holiday cards
91. Calligraphy ornaments
92. Printed Advent pouches
93. DIY dollhouse
94. Foodie tags
95. I’d like to follow this man
96. Black olive penguins
97. Origami ornament
98. DIY twist tie topper
99. Neon elves

100. Golden balloons

  1. Sibylle

    24 November

    My favorite, the golden balloons!!:-) happy belated thanksgiving:-)

  2. ~amy~

    24 November

    this is an awesome listing…thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Ann

    25 November

    You put so much work into this list – thanks Victoria!

  4. Annie

    26 November

    I LOVED the advent calendar! I already purchased this lovely one from etsy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/115230005/advent-calendar-pdf?

    but the animals are way fun too!

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  6. Yelle

    28 November

    This is the most wonderful collection of Christmas inspiration. <3 big hugs to you!

  7. oman holidays

    1 August

    Good stuff

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