My 12 Favorite Picnic Blankets • A Subtle Revelry

My 12 Favorite Picnic Blankets


Picnic season is here and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Every year for Mother’s Day I ask the family for a picnic lunch. There’s just something so sweet about lying in the sun enjoying an afternoon on a blanket. Our Farmer’s Markets are opening in a couple weeks and the weather is finally warming up. In preparation for the upcoming picnic season here are 11 really great picnic blankets I’ve found to help us bask in the early summer sun! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas, may your weekend be filled with joy and all the sweet picnicking.


A blanket that let’s you bring the grass wherever you want to go!


Embroidery and stripes is an instant picnic starter!


A tote that expands to a blanket, such a great idea for picnics on the go.


A picnic blanket that doubles as a game of twister! For spontaneous tangos on the grass.


A no-sew picnic blanket to easily make at home.


Pretty hues for lying around the yard with.


Pom pom and fringe is an instant Mother’s Day winner!


Stamped canvas for a sweet spot to eat and nap.


Pendleton blankets are a traditional and perfect choice for carrying in the car to our favorite picnic spots.


Florals that work just as well in the forest as on the beach.


Kissing Hedgehogs because they are just adorable!


A picnic blanket made out of painters canvas to match whatever picnic mood you are in.

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