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14 Ways Pineapples Make Summer Better

14 Ways Pineapples Make Summer Better

Pineapples are the quintessential summertime signal. The moment I cut one open I’m instantly transported to the beach in Maui. Whether our summer plans involve exotic beach vacations or running around town entertaining the kids (mine includes both!), incorporating a little pineapple love makes every of summer day better.

While I settle into our first official day of summer vacation with the kids home… Here are 14 of my favorite pineapple ideas:

pineapple shorts

Pineapple shorts for living in all summer long.

pineapple bowling

Pineapple bowling look so fun. I’m dying to recreate this look on our new porch.

pineapple ice cream

Give me all the pineapple ice cream!

pineapple balloon

This pineapple balloon is such a fun creation – see the full fruity balloon set right here.

pineapple drink

Pineapples as cups for all the yummy summer drinks – just cut, core and add a straw.

pineapple ice cubes

Add pineapple ice cubes to the pineapple cups above just for fun. Party tip: make them out of pineapple juice to freshen up cocktails this summer.

pineapple piñata

Make a pineapple piñata for breaking up a long summer afternoon.

pineapple wrapping

Pineapple party wrapping.

pineapple canvas basket

Pineapple fruit stamps will update storage and give our favorite baskets a perfectly summer vibe.

pineapple sunglasses

These awesome sunglasses will have us seeing pineapples and white sand beaches in no time.

pineapple straws

Pineapple straws that are perfect for drinking summer drinks by the pool.

pineapple wreath

pineapple wreath for a front door that screams… summer!

pineapple macarroons

Pineapple macaroons for an easy bring along to every BBQ this season.

Pineapple TankStars, stripes and pineapple tanks – all summer long! Also this seashell dress is pretty great. ;)

Wishing us all a pineapple eating, fun loving summer.

(Pineapple piñata photograph ©Ivan Solis/Stocksy United, all other photos linked to their original article).

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