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20 Creative Adult Birthday Party Places To Explore

Inside: 20 Creative Adult Birthday Party Places.

Birthdays are fun to celebrate whether you’re turning 5 or 50! Between the cake and confetti, there are so many exciting details to plan and ways to make a birthday party perfect for the special guest of honor. And sometimes you just have to go all-out for a big birthday celebration!

20 creative adult birthday party places

We’ve come up with 20 Creative Adult Birthday Party Places that’ll break up the norm and definitely bring a birthday bash to remember.

party places to host adult partiesThe best adult birthday party places

Winery/Brewery: Let’s be honest, it’s not a celebration without a little adult birthday party cheer!

Fun adult birthday party places

Food Tour: Have you ever done one of these? They are truly so much fun. It’s basically a walking tour to some of the yummiest foodie-friendly restaurants/bars in town. Most (larger) cities host them year-round and we think it’d be such a fun way to host a birthday party on-the-go!

Cooking Class: Cooking classes has to be one of my all-time favorite adult birthday party places to have fun!

Rock Climbing Gym: Talk about an action-packed birthday party!

creative birthday ideas

For the adventurous adults

Rock Climbing Gym: Talk about an action-packed adult birthday party places!

Ski Resort: Spend your birthday on the slopes with your closest group of friends. Or, take the whole family to celebrate your big day. Instead of accepting birthday gifts, encourage everyone to save the money they’d spend on you to purchase lift tickets…those things aren’t cheap but they sure are worth it! I’d way rather have a fun experience to remember my birthday by than a whole bunch of loot!

Campground: Make it a birthday weekend to remember…hit up your favorite local campground for a night or two away from the fast-paced life to enjoy nature, good company, and the great outdoors.

Hiking: Don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch–birthday cake included, of course!

fun adult birthday

Beach Relax, unwind and enjoy the most relaxing adult birthday party places

Boat: All aboard the party ship!

Spa: Relax & unwind on your special day with a trip to the spa! Go all-out and treat yourself to the full experience…hair, nails, massage. And offer your guests an a-la-carte menu to choose from so they can enjoy some of the fun too!

adult birthday party places

Museum: Who says museums have to be boring? They often have amazing event space that’s perfect for a grown-up gathering. Throw an upscale bash complete with a DJ, catered meal, and photo booth for a truly one-of-a-kind birthday experience.

Makeup Studio: Grab your gals and get done up and made over for your birthday this year! Then finish off the celebration with a fun night on the town with your whole crew. Or, opt for a girls night in spent snapping some glamorous pics and dressing up just for fun!

Dance or Workout Studio: To relive all those youthful days and get a great workout while you’re at it!

birthday party places

More fun adult birthday party places

Sports Game: If there’s a game day on your birthday and you’re a sports fanatic, you probably can’t think of a better way to celebrate. Add in some brats, brews, and birthday cake and it’ll make for the best game of the season!

Pool + Backyard BBQ: Rent out a local club house or even try your hand at the community pool for a nostalgic and fun party day.

Food Trucks: Food trucks are so fun and most are totally available to cater special events like birthday parties. Call up your favorite one and see if they’ll bring the goods to your upcoming celebration.

Mixology Class: Host your own blind tasting or head out to a mixology class and learn something as you party the night away.

things to do for adult birthday

Cruise: If you’ve got the time, or are celebrating a milestone birthday, take a vaca…because why not?! Cruises are great because there’s so many options as far as destinations, length of travel, type of experience, and more. Whatever you pick, just make sure you send an invite my way ;)

A few other fun options for adult parties that will be remembered: Wine & Canvas, Dinner Cruise, Department Store, Bonfire

What’s the best birthday party you’ve ever been to? Thrown for yourself? Can’t wait to hear how you choose to celebrate your big day this year!

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