2024 Recap – My Favorite Posts Of The Year

One of the updates we are doing this year is bringing back our festive Friday list roundups. In 2022 I attempted to break the pattern for a more lengthly monthly update, but I missed sharing more personally here on a weekly basis. So cheers to hearing a little snippets of life on the weekly and my random list of things you definitely don’t want to miss.

This week, with the New Year in full swing I’ve been looking back on 2022 and remembering all the fun we had. 2022 was a great year for our little business and I wanted to share a few of my favorite blog moments from the past year today.

I ended 2016 in a creative funk, so to break it we started a creative shooting experience that ran for months last year. It was a different type of shooting style for me and one I had a lot of fun dreaming up and creating. This heart focused wear it & share it was one of my favorites of the bunch. I also loved our confetti burst post and the ribbons we shot conceptually on a tennis court! It was really fun to get out of my normal mode to create this new type of content for the site.

We shared the renovation of our at home studio space early last year! It was such a fun room to complete and I still adore the joy of getting to work in this space daily. It doesn’t always look quite this organized ;) but even when it’s messy it is still a favorite room in our home. I mean THAT WALLPAPER and my PINK SOFA just seal the love deal for me easily.

We were really busy this year renovating the house and still have a full year of projects to tackle in 2018 (more on that coming next week!). My favorite spaces are right now a tie between the living room and our basement bathroom renovation. They both came out exactly how I had hoped they would. We also reimagined our top deck, created an entirely new laundry room and updated our dinning space as well.

We also added a couple special and fun details to the house like this gigantic balloon window, a cat doormat and a rainbow colored house number.

In response to a survey I did last year, where you all said… the easier the project the better! I attempted to pair down our DIY content and focus on easy peasy projects for many of our features last year. Things like these motivational bullet journal balloons, which are super fun for January and require only the steps of, place sticker on balloon! These types of DIY projects have opened up our content to many of your who may not love in depth crafting projects.

With our food we kept it simple this year as well. We shared fun and easy food ideas this year like Rainbow Grilled Cheese, Unicorn Toast, and a Hot Cocoa Cake. Because we are all busy, but still need a little revelry in our life. One of our more popular posts of the year was this post on tips for tasting wine was especially fun to write.

I kept up the tradition of teaching and training others to build their own online empires this year through our blogging series where we shared 5 necessary blogging apps, how I talk about the job of blogging to others and the most popular post of the entire year – which was a history lesson on how we’ve blogged for profit over the past 8 years. We also launched our lifestyle biz course, this last fall, which is closed now, but you’ll be hearing more about later this spring.

We launched a book all about making wreaths earlier this year. DIY wreaths have been a constant theme on the site for the last 8 years – I just love the idea of crafting something so easily welcoming and by the response we received to the book, you do too! Which is amazing, I love when we are on the same wave length. We ended the year with what might be my favorite wreath project ever. It is still up on my front door as I write this today.

In true ASR fashion, we happily celebrated all the holidays this year. Starting with this car heart attack for Valentine’s Day – so fun! We also made faux fur easter eggs for Easter and boozy freezer pops for the 4th. We crafted a bunch of DIY Halloween costumes and made a pink Halloween mantel filled with creepy pink arms.

To kick off the holiday season I shared the best Thanksgiving kid’s table ideas I could ever imagine, a unicorn Christmas tree, an entire week’s worth of gift guides and crafted colorful reindeer theme party supplies.

If there is one new idea that took center stage in 2022, it was our brand’s transition into video! In collaboration with Mabble Media, our favorite local video team, we created more video this last year than all 7 years prior and it’s only going to get better as we move forward! We had the chance to work with many different brands creating content for them to share like the fun videos we did with P.F. Changs, this lunch idea with Ziploc and this adorable video of my girl for Chex might be my favorite of them all. We also did a couple fun videos just for ourselves like these pumpkin stickers. I have become obsessed with video – I’ll be sharing more on this obsession soon.

We had a chance to participate in a number of different collaborations with brands both big and small this year, it is one of my favorite parts of this job.

These paper cup wall flowers we created in collaboration with Paper Mart are a prime example of how great partnerships can help us think outside the box. We created monthly posts this year for both Joanns and Balloon Time that brought our creative content to light.

I am so excited about all that this next year will bring and can’t wait to share more about what we have in store for the new year! xoxo- Victoria

(Top photo @Duet Postscriptum/Stocksy United, other photos linked in content)

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