25 international fonts

Last year we shared a collection of favorite romantic fonts. This year I was thinking, what could be sweeter than saying “I like really you” in script? Then it hit me, of course… Say it in French! Or Italian, or Dutch. Say I love you, happy birthday, hello, or even I’m sorry in any other language and somehow it just means more. Here is a collection of 25 favorite free international fonts to say, tu ese belle (you are beautiful) and give an extra wow factor to your greetings this year.

25 Free International Fonts

25 awesome + free international fonts by language:

“I Love You”: 1. S’agapo (Greek) — Landliebe, by Richard Mitchell | 2. Je t’aime (French) — Shangri La, by Nick’s Fonts | 3. Ich liebe dich (German) — Weston Light, by ZKA | 4. Te amo (Italian) — Riddle, by Mario Arturo | 5. Jeg elsker deg (Norwegian) — Dubiel, by David Rakowski | “I’m Sorry”: 6. Jeg beklager (Norwegian) — Silverfake, by Alexey Frolo | 7. Mi dispiace (Italian) — Monoxil Font, by Urtd | 8. Het spijt me (Dutch) — Sofia, by Latinotype | 9. Lo siento (Spanish) — Circline, by fontmaker | 10. Lamento (Portuguese) — Grov, by YOFonts | “You Rock”: 11. Wewe mwamba (Swahili) — Hamburgerheaven, by Nick’s Fonts | 12. Sie rocken — Deftone Stylus, by Larabie Fonts | 13. Vous basculez (French) — Magenta Flower, by weknow | 14. Du rocka (Swedish) — Prophecy, by Tension Type | 15. Sallanmaya (Turkish) — Bahiana, Omnibus type | “Hello”: 16. Bonjour (French) — True Crimes, by Walter Velez | 17. Ya su (Greek) — Decani, by Neal Fletcher | 18. Hallo (German) — Chinese Watch Shop, by gaut fonts | 19. Ciao (Italian) — True Love, by Davelab | 20. Aloha (Hawaiian) — Bold and Blue, by weknow | “You’re Beautiful”: 21. Eres Hermosa (Spanish) — Contribute, by Fonts Cafe | 22. Je bent mooi (Dutch) — Kakato, by Kinema Moon Graphics | 23. Sei bellisima (Italian) — Geo, by Reading Type | 24. Tu es belle (French) — All Things New, by Kimberly Geswein | 25. Anata wa utsukushii ne (Japanese) — Ming, by K-type

Graphic created by Alli of Hooray, for A Subtle Revelry.

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Posted January 27, 2014
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6 Responses to “25 international fonts”

  1. Traci says:

    Thanks for sharing! I really like Weston Light.

  2. Kim Olea says:

    Italian for I love you is “ti amo” not “te amo” which is Spanish!

  3. Kim Olea says:

    But, regardless, I love all these great fonts! Thank you for your work!

  4. Such great inspiration, I am always on the look out for unique fonts, definitely bookmarking this!

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