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28 April Fools Pranks for Kids To Create

Inside: 28 April fools pranks for kids

April Fools Day is a holiday that’s sometimes overlooked, but certainly not in my house! Matt and I always have such a great time playing silly pranks on each other and this April Fools I’m dragging the kids into the fun…whether they like it or not ;) Although, with this list of 28 April Fools Pranks for Kids, I think they’re going to LOL, literally.

April fools day prank ideas for kids

The Best Prank Strategy For Kids

When I think of Aprils Fools Day pranks for kids, they need to be three things:

  • Easy to pull off
  • Slapstick funny
  • Colorful

With these three elements the kids can go crazy. Pranking tends to be their favorite activity on the planet, so an entire day devoted to it is wildly fun! Start this week and give your kids the full 2 weeks to think about their ideas and be creative. Some of these can be put together in only about 5 minutes time.

April fools day pranks for kids

My Favorite April Fools Day Prank Of All Time

One of my all time favorite pranks we’ve done in the past is this balloon drawer. Balloons are my thing, so obviously I have to incorporate them into my April Fools pranking.

To create a similar look:

  • Use mini balloons and a sharpie to decorate the balloons.
  • Empty out a drawer of clothes you know will need to be worn on April 1st.
  • Place the balloon inside the drawer instead for a happy surprise!

A Few Fun April Fools Food Pranks for Kids

Veggie Pizza: Yay, it’s pizza night! Wrong-o…the kids will squeal with dislike when they open the pizza box and see their (least) favorite veggies inside. Feel free to uphold your title as best mom ever by simply hiding the warm cheesy pizza in another container elsewhere.

Cough Drop Spaghetti: They won’t really know why their spaghetti dinner tastes minty fresh…until they discover a menthol cough drop tucked beneath a twisted pile of spaghetti noodles!

Asparagus for Dessert: I happen to love asparagus but I love cake even more. With this recipe, you get the best of both worlds. The kids think they’re getting veggies for dessert, but it’s actually an incredible cake with fondant asparagus spears!

Kool-Aid Shampoo: Probably only recommended for those parents/children with a bit of a wild side…sprinkle some Kool-Aid in your teen’s shampoo bottle for a DIY hair dye surprise! P.S. Here’s how to get it out ;)

Brussel Sprouts Cake Pops: The cake pop craze is real. And if your kids are as nuts about them as mine…like demand one every single time I go to the Starbucks drive-thru…they’ll think this Brussel sprout prank is a hoot.

Doughnut Seeds: Trick your kids into thinking they can grow their own doughnuts. I mean, it sounds kind of awesome, right?

Toothpaste Oreos: The creme filling is definitely my favorite part of an Oreo cookie so I’d be rather distraught if it was replaced with toothpaste. Hopefully, your kiddos think it’s funny though!

Broccoli Lollipops: Anyone want a Tootsie pop? These lookalikes contain broccoli crowns in lieu of the sugar for a healthy “treat” they probably won’t want to eat.

Balloon Pie: Make a pie with an inflated balloon tucked inside underneath the whipped cream. Let your kid be the first to cut into it and BAM! a shocking surprise awaits.

april fools pranks

Funny April Fools Pranks for Kids

Balloon Car: Perfect prank for a teen. While he or she is at school, sneak into the school parking lot and fill the car up with balloons!

Make Brown Es: Bake a batch of brownies in secret and let the sweet scent draw the kids into the kitchen. When they arrive, hand them a pan covered with tin foil and filled with brown letter ‘E’ cutouts. They’ll be so confused! But also happy once you let them have a taste of the real deal.

Bed Switch: If you’ve got hard sleepers, switch them from their own bed to a sibling’s bed or the couch before morning. Be there to witness their confusion when they wake!

Fake Bugs: Scatter fake bugs throughout their rooms for a spooky surprise.

Sneeze Spray: Creep up on your kiddo and make a loud sneezing sound from behind, while squirting them with water from a spray bottle. GROSS!

april fools ideas

More Food Pranks the Kids will Love

Balloon Door Explosion: Tape a whole bunch of balloons to the back of the front door so when they walk in from school, they’ll be greeted by a big loud “POP!”

Frozen cereal: Nothing’s more confusing than a bowl of cereal that can’t be spooned when you first wake up in the morning. This one’s sure to have your kids doing a double-take.

Caramel Apple Onions: I love caramel apples and my kids do too! They aren’t going to be too enthused though once their taste buds quickly realize that the apple is actually an icky ole onion! Yikes.

Jello Mold Toy: Plop their favorite (non-electronic) toy in a batch of Jello and make sure to snap a pic of their reaction once they see how stuck it really is!

Mayo Donuts: Jelly donut anyone? You wish! On April Fools, we fill with mayo instead for a hilarious little trick.

Googly Eyes in their Lunch: Glue a pair of googly eyes on everything in their lunch to give their snacks a sweet and silly look.

Balloon Pillowcases: At bedtime, remove the pillow from the case and stuff it with inflated balloons instead.

April fools day pranks for kids

More Silly Kids Pranks

Confetti Bomb: Drop one of these in the mail and your kids will think a fun package has arrived just for them…it has, but it’s an exploding box of confetti!

Rainbow Bath Water: Hide a couple of these colored bath drops underneath the faucet or on some rubber duckies and watch as their eyes are filled with awe when the bath water starts turning all sorts of crazy colors as it’s filled!

Underwear Swap: How funny to replace the contents of their underwear drawers with bathing suits! Guess they’ll be prepared for any type of weather this spring. This is one of the funniest Aprils fools day pranks for kids!

Car for Sale: Another teen prank that’ll get them all riled up! Post a legit ‘for sale’ sign on their car. Make sure to list their cell phone number as the contact, and prank calls them all day with fake offers!

Shaving Cream Shoes: Such an easy prank that’s messy fun. Squirt shaving cream in their shoes and watch as they figure out what’s going on between their toes!

You know what else is really fun? Letting the kids be the pranksters and planning out ways to get Dad, friends, or other family members. They’ll get such a kick out of it! What April Fools Day pranks for kids do you have up your sleeve? Is there a tried and true joke that you’re known to play over and over that just never stops being funny? Please oh please share with me! I’m bound and determined to get my people good!

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