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30×30 welcome + a giveaway

30×30 welcome + a giveaway

Don’t believe the lie. Be inspired. Celebrate today.

The vision behind this new project, 30×30– Where I will be sharing my journey with you as I design and produce 30 parties the year before I turn 30.

Inspirational photo’s, beautiful design, lovely details and hundreds of DIY’s to make your gatherings come together with ease and on budget.

Inspiring you to bless others. Assisting you with inspiration. Putting hundreds of cheap and easy homemade party ideas into your hands. Free printable templates, easy to follow instructions, design tips and the journey of pulling it all together.

Join me in the journey of planning 30 parties this year. Follow this link to our new page where these parties will be organized and updated throughout the journey.

Check out the ever growing collection of parties- go, bless, and be merry.


In honor of this new exciting project, I want to bless you with the ultimate after party planning gift. For when your feet are tired and your arms hurt from etching glasses- a massage to enjoy!

* Win – a $50 spawish gift card that you can use towards any spa procedure in your city (massage- facial- pedicure you pick).

Entry options-

* First entry, leaving a comment on this post below- share with me a party theme you would like to see done this year. You do not need to have a blog to win.
* For a second entry, Grab the new blog button to put on your sidebar (simply paste the html code shown into a sidebar widget). Leave me a second comment with your page link.
* For a third entry, blog about my new project and let your readers in on the exciting news! Leave a third comment with a link to your post.

I will be picking a winner using random.org, contest ends midnight April 10th.


  1. missy

    10 March

    SO excited about this project…and my almost 30-year-old friend (but you have to turn 29 first!). ok, i’d like to see: an Egyptian block party especially for kids…a soldier boy’s party (oh for a 6 year old)…or a mom’s night “in” kinda party.
    I cant wait to see all that you cleverly come up with!

  2. Staci

    10 March

    This sounds like so much fun! I’m a huge Hawaiian fan… but can’t ever seem to find “the right” ideas for a party.

  3. Staci

    10 March

    I put a button on my diet blog!

  4. Vicky

    10 March

    Thanks Staci. I am new to HTML did the code myself. I just updated it so it should work now. Hopefully. Thanks for being a part of the journey already:)

  5. Amber

    10 March

    CHERRIES! Such a versatile theme for baby showers, bridal events or birthday parties.

  6. Dara

    10 March

    I would like ideas for a Dad’s party…Father’s Day is coming! LOL

  7. Jessica

    10 March

    I need party ideas for my hubby who loves working outside and music.

  8. Andrea

    10 March

    I would love ideas for a pop-princess party for a 6 year old!

  9. Amanda Jones

    10 March

    I would love to see a cute, modern safari theme party. I had one as a kid and would love to have one for my kids in the future..but of course totally updated with your great ideas!

  10. Paige

    10 March

    I had a book that had a maypole in it–I’ve never seen one in real life, but I think a May Day party would be lovely!

  11. DebbLou

    10 March

    A garden party… with all the la de da that can be done on a budget… thanks for the wish…

  12. Courtney

    10 March

    I would love to see a 1 year old birthday party theme, I have a baby about to turn 1.

  13. Anne

    10 March

    Hi Vicky!
    Adam is graduating in May, and if he lands a job first, we’d love to host a big party for his fellow grads. We’d want to keep it somewhat economically sensible and there could be anywhere from 50 – 80 guests. The name of Case Western’s business school is The Weatherhead School of Management. So…..I was thinking something along the lines of weather. Like, ‘You’ve weathered the storms to achieve your MBA’.

    Anyway, I’d love your help w/ it. I can email you. Of course, if I run out of time or energy, I’ll just settle for nacho chips and margaritas, which was my original plan, and always acceptable. :D

  14. Courtney

    10 March

    I put a button on my Blog.

  15. Kenzee

    10 March

    I’d love to see ideas for a Mommy party (for those of us moms who are exhausted and need some time away from kids).

  16. How about a Moroccan theme? Classy, exotic, DIY and not too expensive?

  17. Val

    10 March

    You should definitely do an Alice in Wonderland party. We did one last year for a birthday party & had a ton of fun putting it all together! Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Garry Helman

    10 March

    Hello,I love reading through your blog, I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation. Wishing you the best of luck for all your blogging efforts.

  19. Kathryn

    11 March

    I would like to see an adult party!! All the kids parties are fun but I don’t have any! How about a wine and cheese party!


  20. Lexie

    11 March

    I would love to see a victorian-inspired theme!

  21. Brandy

    11 March

    I think it’d be fun to have a western party theme. The food is so good, it’s inexpensive, and it can be in costume!

  22. Ashley

    11 March

    I would love to see a duck party. I love the color yellow and think it would be a great theme for a children’s birthday party.

    navybaby1113 (at) gmail (dot) com

  23. Celestia

    11 March

    I would love to see a just-because/girl’s-night-in party theme.

  24. Shannon

    11 March

    I want to see ideas for a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday! That’s what my almost 2 year old loves.


  25. Katie

    11 March

    I’d love to see a bird themed wedding shower!

  26. Andrea

    11 March

    I’d love to see something for a first birthday party that is NOT themed! Just a cool color scheme and tasteful/non-primary colored Elmos everywhere :) Something that’s really for adults b/c, let’s face it, that’s who 1st b-day parties really are for!

  27. Very Married

    11 March

    I’d like to see a non-cheesy graduation party… so rare!


  28. Alice in Wonderland woudl be so much fun! Esp with the movie out!

  29. Lil D

    11 March

    As a girl with a tiny budget who just got engaged, I’d like to see a wedding reception (with alcohol) done cheaply but in a classy manner.

    Thanks for the chance at winning :)

  30. Lindsay

    11 March

    A baseball theme. I have 2 boys that are fanatics!

  31. ShootingStarsMag

    11 March

    I’d love to see a book lover’s themed party. Not for anything in particular…maybe a birthday or something.

  32. Andrea Roche

    11 March

    I would love to see specifically, ideas for COST effective parties. I see all these fabulous ideas on the web, but they end up costing a FORTUNE!!!!

  33. Ashley

    11 March

    In excitement over the beginning of Spring, I’d love to see a Spring themed lunch or tea party!

  34. Nicole

    11 March

    A Fairy princess party

  35. Holly Taggart

    11 March

    I would love to see a party for a 5 year old girl that is not princess or pony.

  36. Colleen

    11 March

    A historical figure party. Everyone dresses up as a historical figure for a night of charades and trivia games.

  37. Cheri

    11 March

    I’m attempting to throw a 1st birthday/luau/pig roast. So maybe a Monkey Luau or other animals with grass skirts and non-cheesy luau details??
    Thanks for all the great ideas on your blog!

  38. mom123

    11 March

    How about a dance recital theme?

  39. Jennifer

    11 March

    Hmmm…It’s probably too late for this year’s pi day – but some suggestions for a geekfest on 3-14 would be cool.

  40. Emily

    11 March

    I’d love to see any summer party that doesn’t involve the beach or grilling. I love both, but I’d like to see something different.

  41. Heidi Kratzke

    11 March

    I would like to throw a birthday party for Chuck Norris…. with little debbie cakes with fighting toy ninjas on them… lots of balloons…. streamers… and a Chuck Norris movie marathon. Oh, wait, I already did that. Guilty! :)

  42. Rhona Lutton

    11 March

    I would love to see a Sound of Music themed party.

  43. Erica

    11 March

    Beach theme party!

  44. Carapace

    12 March

    Oooh, a theme party! I’ve been thinking of doing a Noir party, myself-everyone has a Secret, and all the partygoers have to uncover the secrets of the others as the evening goes on. But I’d love to see it handled by someone who actually knows how to plan parties!

  45. Meghan

    12 March

    I grew up with my parents always hosting parties! Now that I’m married, living on the east coast, and expecting our first child, I try to keep that up! With the weather changes we’ve had lately (snow blizzards then rain), it’s been difficult! It’d be so fun to have a party to welcome spring! Goodbye snow- hello cherry blossoms! I’d LOVE LOVE for that to happen! In fact, I think I may do it! If it’s too late for spring, then goodbye cherry blossoms- hello sun burns and have a party at the pool!

  46. Lima K

    12 March

    I am turning 29 at the end of this month, and have been racking my brain for a cute theme. I was thinking I would love to see you do a party theme surrounding something from our childhood era (a little retro) maybe having to do with technology back then, atari? etc, or mcdonalds bday parties, really anything, but with a grown-up feel to it, so it doesn’t look like a kids party :)

  47. Lima K

    12 March

    I added your button :) http://narcissist-a.blogspot.com/

  48. Anna

    13 March

    Rockabilly party!

  49. kari

    13 March

    How about a surfside party? That would be fun.

  50. Joann Temple

    13 March

    I would like a 60’s Laugh-In Style Party with pinks and blues that pop, big flowers, and fun dance music.

  51. Joann Temple

    13 March

    I grabbed your new blog button and added it to my sidebar.

  52. Erika

    13 March

    I’d love to see a spin on the backyard BBQ/outdoor movie! Classic, but with a little bit of a twist.

  53. Esme

    13 March

    I would love to see a Grease movie theme party-with dancing and the poodle skirts.

  54. Kammi

    13 March

    I need to throw a bridal shower for my sister-in-law…I asked her what she would like and she said a tea-party without the tea…upon further inquiry she would like to have the feel of a tea party from childhood…very feminine….any ideas for themes on a budget?

  55. Amanda

    14 March

    I think an old school party modeled after the Gilmore Girls’ dance marathon would be my personal fav ! I hope to one day do one!

  56. Marissa

    14 March

    I’d love to see a japanese inspired garden party.

  57. Stephenie

    14 March

    Love this idea! It’s awesome. Here are a couple of parties I’ve hosted or have been to that have been tons of fun: 1. Mexican Fiesta! 2. Pie tastings – everyone bring your favorite pie.

    Good luck! Can’t wait to see all the fun ideas you come up with. Nice site!

  58. I’d like to see an Alice in Wonderland party – I’ve seen some good ones, but I know there’s a million more ideas out there! I blogged earlier this month about doing a Madhatter’s Tea Party room for my daughter… so fun!

  59. Maggie

    15 March

    A party inspired by the Japanese culture would be nice :)

  60. Lindsey

    15 March

    A spring-time, sunshine party!

  61. Laura

    16 March

    How about a classic afternoon tea party?

  62. Jennie

    16 March

    How about a summer barbeque with some fun, attainable decorations and YUMMY food for all ages.

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  64. Sarah

    17 March

    I’d like to throw a “drive in movie” themed party. I have a projector and screen, so I could set it up outside and guests can icnic on blankets. I think it would be fun!


  65. cindy

    18 March

    I would love to see a little girls tea party that they could do with grandma.

  66. Lisa

    18 March

    What an exciting challenge! I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on your blog these past few days (thanks to the imperfect party challenge lol) ;) and I’m enjoying it so much! Thank you for this giveaway fun. I’m really looking forward to your 30 party creations too…wow!

    I would like to see an Olympic party for kids! I’ve been wanting to do a party like that and I would love to see your ideas and get inspired!

  67. Annie

    18 March

    I would love to see a party that was kid themed–but for adults of course! bring back all those wonderful memories and unaldulterated joy!

  68. kris

    22 March

    for the grownups, how about a tuscan wine party theme? and the kiddos, i’d love to see something for the tomboys (like my girl!) maybe a girly tool time party or something? ;) love the challenge, good luck!

  69. Natalie

    23 March

    Wow, so many good ideas above. I’m almost embaressed by my wimpy idea – but I play a lot of video games/enjoy board game nights, so would enjoy seeing ideas for a party themed along those lines (its hard to do with larger groups of people).

    And then I saw suggestions involving wine themes…and I’m pretty sold on those ideas as well.

  70. Nicole

    23 March

    I think that a new twist on a pool party would be a great idea. Make the food and decorations pool/water themed and have things that the adults can enjoy as well!

  71. EmilyB

    24 March

    How about a Dr. Seuss party? The theme can carry into costume, party games, and even food!

  72. Annie

    29 March

    Great contest! A candy shop party would be tasty and super colorful!

  73. Sandra

    29 March

    Love the Roast & Toast party! For several years, I have hosted an Apple Dippin’ party in the fall. I would love to see your take on one!

  74. Tonja

    3 April

    I would like to see a Halloween Party for families.

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  76. Janna

    7 April

    Lochness Monster Birthday Party (we’re planning on doing that for our twin boys next birthday)!

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  78. Jessie

    9 April

    How about a cute puppy or kitty themed party!