5 sneaky tips for a summer party (Click through to see them all)

I am so happy that summer has made its grand entrance! Reno sometimes has a way of playing with our hearts and it’s been known to snow in June. But now – the warm weather is finally here to stay. Hooray. And what does that mean? More outdoor parties of course. Here are five sneaky tips I’ve learned to have a great (and stress free) summer party.

#1 Keep it shady

It’s always better in the shade for your guests from young to old. Look for those bigger trees, supply umbrellas or parasols to help the heat stay low. One trick we’ve used to shade a large area on the cheap, is to hang a few select larger pieces of fabric between two walls. Use thumbtacks, hot glue, or whatever you have on hand to get the faux canopy in place for the afternoon. The result is a temporarily shady deck – with a pretty touch whenever your guests look up.

5 sneaky tips for a summer party - how to create shade! (Click through to read them all)

#2 Agenda’s on the simpler side

Most people will want to just catch up and share their company with one another; so don’t stress over party games, or a karaoke station for the adults. However if kids will be attending, definitely put that energy into finding cool games (like giant surprise balls!) for them to enjoy. My favorite parties are those that I know my kids are enjoying – then I can relax as well.

5 sneaky tips for a summer party - amplify music easily outdoors. (Click through to read them all)

#3 Play lists are always a crowd pleaser

Be sure to think ahead of time and purchase a device to play your music outdoors and put a little TLC into crafting the perfect play list. Not only is it a good conversation starter, but it always helps lighten the mood. If you are running short on time a small cup or bowl works great for music amplification.

5 sneaky tips for a summer party - serve bite size portions of your favorite easy foods. (Click through to read them all)

#4 Eat bite-size food!

One of my constant summer party ideals is to serve easy to eat food. No one wants to be slaving over a roast when it’s triple digits outside. Instead, quick bite-size grills get my vote this summer. Hot dogs are an obvious choice and they can easily be taken up a notch for a party by making them into miniature hot dog bites. Summer appetizer… solved!

To make the hot dog bites; grill up the hot dogs, place in buns and cut into 1 inch portion sizes. Stick a toothpick through the bun and dog to serve this meal without a mess. Include small bowls of spicy ketchup (made by combining 1 cup Hunt’s ketchup with 1 tsp garlic powder, 1 tsp red pepper flakes) and Gulden’s mustard for dipping.

5 sneaky tips for a summer party - Watermelon clutch party favors. (Click through to read them all)

#5 Increase the cute factor.

Between the sun drenched evenings and gorgeous summer skylines, summer parties don’t need much to make them work. Finding a couple cute details (like a watermelon clutch for favors) is a great way to incorporate elements that will make your guests smile and put everyone at ease. In the summer I aim to focus on one or two festive details and leave the rest of the decor up to nature.

Do you have a favorite tip you’ve learned through outdoor party planning? I’m always looking to grow my sneaky party tips and make my hot season celebrations, ones to remember.

5 skeay summer party tips - grilling

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This post is done in promotional partnership with Hebrew National. All ideas and opinions are my own – thanks for supporting our summer site sponsors.

(Summer party photos by by Alessandra Aghilar for A Subtle Revelry.)