bright accordion paper wreath

Bright Accordion Paper Wreath

Bright Accordion Paper Wreath

I am always looking for simple ways to brighten up the house, especially during summer. A burst of color on the door, a gorgeously hued corner – bright festive touches make me so glad to be home. And the festive deatils around the house make it easy to throw together a party in 10 minutes flat!

Bright Accordion Paper Wreath

This accordion paper fold wreath is fabulous for hanging up to brighten the house today, and will be a great party backdrop tomorrow. Accordion folds are some of the simplest folds imaginable, and the bright colors of this wreath make it a new favorite of mine.

Read on here for the full instructions. And while you’re at it, fold a couple more pieces of paper, because – miniature accordion wreaths also make great party hats! Isn’t paper magical?

(Photography by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry.)

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{because sunshine brightens any day}

you are my sunshine – printable accordion cards

You are my sunshine - printable Valentines

I love receiving a good Valentine, and my kids are ecstatic to give theirs away. I always love something a little off beat, and the color combo + bright sun on these printable cards make them a perfect love note to stand out on Valentine’s day, or any day you want to send happy wishes someone else’s way.

Plus, who doesn’t want to hear, “you are my sunshine” from someone they find dear?

You are my sunshine - printable Valentines

You are my sunshine - printable Valentines

The bright and cheery sunshine notes are a wonderful way to bless your co-workers, kid’s teachers, or postman with a little something this season, without making them blush to hard. I plan to keep a stash on hand to brighten up the days long after February 14th is done. And I am absolutely in love with the cards as sweet baby shower invites (just write the details on the back) they’re sure to set a bright mood for any sweet shower day.  

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{because these fireworks are here all year}

accordion tissue bursts

Bursts of bright color and layers of texture make for a serious party statement in a pinch. I love the idea of throwing a couple bright pieces on the table for an instant festive vibe. Whether its a playdate, a birthday or an impromptu cocktail night – nothing makes our old brick house shine more than a couple bursts of vibrant color.

These bright tissue bursts are a great fill for table decor, an easy solution to top a cake, or surprising as garland lined up in a row. I love how they look like bright fireworks! Anyway you display them, they bring the same festive edge. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to make accordion garland and last week’s advice on hanging tissue garland using a thick floral wire.

To make the accordion tissue bursts – you’ll need to stack three layers of tissue and accordion fold the paper together. Snip all the ends in on an angle and glue the center layers together. The textured result is a little bit firework, a smidgen of summer, and a whole lot of festive fun.

Photography in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry.

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accordion paper wreath

You may well know that accordion folded paper is one of my favorite things. The simple folds provide a crazy affordable and easy way to create pretty art. This wreath was crafted with about 50 sheets of white printer paper and it makes a gorgeous statement for a home or a party that is well beyond its pay grade. See the full tutorial over at Julep today.

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an accordion pumpkin + weekend links

Happy Friday. I designed this little accordion style pumpkin to finish off our accordion week. Hope you’ve been inspired by all the folded projects – see the whole series right here. I am off to San Francisco to style a big holiday shoot this weekend and to inhale a needed breath of big city air (can’t wait!). While I put the finishing touches on our projects here are a few favorite links to explore this week:

This DIY scarf with bows is perfect for our chilly school mornings.

How to get lights into glass bottles, because you need to know!

Love the idea of using a barber board at home.

A tea party for Halloween, how clever.

The first advent calendar I’ve seen pop up this year and it is definitely worth the early peak.

For more fall inspiration revisit a haunted Halloween, latice cider cookie tops, festive fig recipes, a moveable fireplace, and 100 of my favorite fall links over in the magazine.

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accordion bow wrapping

Accordion bows make easy work of wrapping up presents and treats this fall. They are pretty, but not too fluffy, and fit right in with the season of chill and spook. To make the little bows – fold a 2 inch wide paper in accordion style and pinch together in the middle with glue. Tape onto boxes, or pull strings under and around, for a simple, graphic package update.

See the rest of this weeks accordion origami series.

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accordion kids birthday crowns

Paper crowns are a birthday party must, and these accordion folds look sweet on kids of any size. A bit of cutting, folding and glueing together is all it takes.

To make the accordion crowns – cut a piece of scrapbook paper into 1 inch sections, then cut each section in half. Accordion fold the smaller sections and use a small dab of glue to connect bottom pieces together – the tops should automatically fan out. Once all the pieces are cut, combine the sections together, flipping every other section over and glueing into place. I first saw this concept when Jessica made a fun accordion style necklace. Connect the folded sections together to create these simple paper crowns. The crowns can be made larger or smaller, depending on the age and head size. I think the smaller version looks darling.

See the rest of the accordion party series and more party hats here.

Photography done in collaboration with Erin Holland. Thanks to R and O for modeling our crowns.

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accordion bunting: three easy looks

It’s accordion week around here – Hooray! After making my favorite accordion hats last month, I just could not stop folding paper. It is so easy, and a bit addicting. I thought it would be fun to do a short series on the different festive projects we can make with accordion paper. This week I’ll be sharing a pretty little something – that’s folded – every day.

To start us off… bunting! Here are three simple ways to make different bunting using accordion folded paper. A perfect last minute fall decor piece when done in black and dirty white, or a great transition to the holidays with more celebratory colors.

Simple fold accordion bunting is the most basic piece. To make this bunting cut a 12×12 piece of paper in half, then fold the paper back and forth accordion style (for complete accordion folding directions, see this post). Fold the final paper in half and score with a ruler. Use a small dot of glue to secure the two inward sides together and hang from the middle with string.

Fan fold bunting is a pretty, and more full take on the original  To make this bunting fold a full 12×12 piece of paper into an accordion line. Then fold in half and score with a ruler. Use glue to attach the two inward sides together. Cut a small slit (about 1/2 an inch) on both outward slits and connect them side by side together with glue. Hang from the bunting back with tape, or run a string along the backside to tie up.

Book bind bunting has a sweet and delicate twist to it. Use it to easily adorn a mantel, or even a crib side, this season. To make the book bind bunting cut a 12×12 paper in half and accordion fold each side. Take the bottom portion and fold inward about 1/2 an inch. Secure with a staple or glue, then fan out the top portion of the folded strip. Hang by tying a string around the folded portion of the bunting.

So there you have it, three ways with accordion folded bunting. All with different looks, but equally pretty and any of them an easy last minute solution to your next party.

Photography done in collaboration with Erin Holland.

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