Metallic Streamer Dessert Toppers

There are still many festive holiday projects coming up, but today it is pouring out and I am home sick with my daughter. It’s a day in need of sparkle, so I thought I would give a quick nod to New Years with these simple metallic sparkler dessert toppers. Make the toppers using one of my new favorite products, glitzy metallic streamers.

The basic idea is to fringe the streamers and wrap around a kitchen skewer, see the complete tutorial I designed right here. Mixing metallic hues on the toppers will give your holiday desserts a sparkly dose of depth and style.

Photography done in collaboration with Pictilio.

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lemon drops falling

Recently we spent a few hours in the park celebrating the coming of summer. Jackie took a multitude of lemon drop photos. It was originally planned for a video, but upon seeing the final work I just fell in love with the instantaneous shots.

There is an active discussion these days about film vs. video for weddings and events. While it is true they both give unique and important angles to remembering an event, I am partial to photography. I love how a photo captures such enormous depth in its perfectly still form.

Tim Walker in a recent interview said, “Stills are powerful because they freeze the moment…” When I remember celebrations it’s often the quiet, frozen moments which seem most powerful.

Photography by Jackie Wonders.


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Alligator & Daisies – inspiration board

*Reminder- This is the last week to enter the 30×30 contest to win a $50 spa gift card. It has been wonderfully fun to read through your party theme ideas, some of them are downright brilliant!

Today’s reader question is from Kim, who recently asked for ideas to begin the planning of her twin daughters 2nd year birthday. She has been inspired by this adorable kids line at Gymboree and is excited about making the alligator theme work for a girlie party. Adding daisies + a bit of pink + good dose of moss & a few white ruffles will make her celebration gator friendly & also wonderfully girlie!

A little gator & daisy inspiration-

Ruffled shower curtain.
Closet daisies.
Alligator cross-stitch.
Easy paper daisies.
Reindeer moss frame.
Smiling fabric gators.
& The girliest gator purse around.

A great party idea that is sure to translate into a beautiful afternoon.


PS. Thanks so much for all your questions, you all seem to come up with the best things to talk about! Thanks also for your wonderful patience as I answer in due time. If you have a party planning question, contact me here to have it answered.

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* Please click on the image above to read the entire D.I.Y. football banner post-thanks.


PS. This is how you will know when there is a new DIY/event post listed from now on. Simply click the picture if you want to see the full post. This one includes a laughable free download for your football viewing pleasure- enjoy.

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Footballing bunting

This footballing bunting project was inspired by a funny article Bill Simmons wrote, by this clip from Scrubs where J.D. embarrasses the guys by watching footi-ball like a girl, and by the fact that I now live in an NFL team city so it was due time I got into the footballing spirit.

Go Bronco’s…. oh wait… nope… oops… I meant… Go Chargers;)

An ironic take on a football pendant banner.

The download includes 10 funny and completely stereotypical girl sport phrases. It can be printed out directly from your computer onto your teams chosen colors and hung up to decorate for the big game day.

Once printed you will need to think back to high school geometry and cut each page into an upside down triangle (Isosceles to be specific). Then hole punch the two top corners and thread your ribbon behind to add a fun detail to your next football gathering.

I will be hanging mine above the veggie tray to give the ladies a little laugh during the play-offs.

Here is the link-

* As always please do not reproduce this download for anything other than personal use. Just a fun project from me to you- thanks.


PS. This is meant to be a lighthearted fun project so if you are a girl who actually does love football please don’t be offended. I am not anti-you liking sports, I am just trying to make it laughable for those of us who prefer the commercials to the game.

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birthday present halloween costume

Birthday Present Halloween Costume

Last year we did a festive Halloween costume series that was really fun. A birthday cake, a party lantern, a bunch of balloons, a baby bouquet of flowers, and real life honeycombs! Festive and bright costumes for the kids.

One thing we were missing – was a birthday present. So I am filling in the gap this year, with this incredibly easy birthday present costume (make it in under 1 hour). The costume is as bright and fun as you can get for Halloween.

Birthday Present Halloween Costume

Birthday Present Halloween Costume

To make the birthday present Halloween costume you will need; one cardboard box, one can of bright spray paint, thick ribbon for the shoulders, thin metallic ribbon for the box front, and a big funky bow for the headband.

DIY birthday present Halloween Costume

Start by gluing the bright bow to a length of metallic ribbon for the headband – the bigger the bow the better!

To make the birthday present box, tape or glue down all the flaps inside and spray paint the box in the bright color of your choosing.

Glue a metallic ribbon around the front of the box and glue two shoulder straps on the inside of each box for wearing. Measure the ribbon to your child.

That’s all it takes for a fun and festive Halloween costume! Perfect for the little ones in your trick-or-treating crew.

Birthday Present Halloween Costume

This birthday present costume idea will fit adults too with the right ribbon measurements – an easy office costume fix. Slip on to be fully in costume (like a superhero), slip off for your regular everyday fall look. Nice for running in and out of meetings and school parties.

More kid friendly Halloween ideas right here.

(Photography by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry).

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