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Glitter Pill Jello Shots

I was delighted when I saw these adorable glitter pills – so fun! And then immediately thought how great they would be with edible glitter and a Jello shot inside. Make a bunch of these party pills for a birthday or bachelorette party and start the night off in a festively fun way. You can create the Jello […]

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NYE Balloon Drop with Glitter Balloons

With the both my kids birthdays in December, hosting a holiday party is not something that comes easy – so we’ve taken to hosting NYE for the past 5 years. It is my favorite party we host every year. We normally invite a handful of our dearest friends, do something fun for dinner (this year […]

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Glitter Tree Stockings

We’ve started a new tradition of making stockings every year. It’s a fun way to create something together as a family and ensure everyone who is coming for Christmas that year will be taken care of. Last year we made big bow stockings. This year we’ve decided on a bright update to dollar store stockings with […]

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Glitter on the wall

This post is sponsored by Target. With fall now upon us, my head starts looking inside. Making our home comfortable and cozy for the season is a big priority for me. Adding festive details like painting a glitter heart on the wall or hanging a deer head keep our home feeling ready to party, while […]

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