DIY Sequin Hearts

Today finally feels like the first day of the new year. All the decorations are put away, the kids are back at school, and I am already looking ahead (just a bit) to hearts, flowers, and all the loveliness coming up these next few months. These DIY sequin hearts are a great start. Inspired by, this DIY version is made with fabric sticker backing so you can stick them on a shirt, a favor bag, a shoe – basically anywhere!

To make the sequin hearts, you will use fabric stickers (which I also used for the confetti dot skirt), a length of sequin ribbon, and glue. Simple heart cuts, back and forth glue, and a bit of trimming is all you need to do. See the step-by-step photos right here.

Photography done in collaboration with Pictilio.

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Wrap it Up with Painted Hearts

The big half-heart craze hit sweaters everywhere this fall. Did you snag one? Recreate the brilliant trend on wrapping paper with brown bags and pretty paint. Simply wrap, trace and paint. Perfect for your sister’s birthday present that you still need to get in the mail. Maybe she won’t even notice it’s unforgivably late. xoxo

PS. See more form the wrapping series right here.

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lava cakes and paper clip hearts

In honor of our anniversary weekend I wanted to make a little treat that Matt and I could enjoy together. These miniature lava cakes are incredibly rich and quick to whip up. Plus each cake was topped with a paper clip twisted heart. I purchased the festive red and white paper clips awhile ago and was pleased to put them to such sweet use:).

To make the paper clip heart toppers simply bend a paper clip into shape with your hands. The heart is an easy three bends. First, bend the long side over and out, then shape the second side inward to make the heart. Third, twist out the bottom to stick into cakes, cupcakes and treats of any kind.

I love these! Since they are so easy to make you could use them to brighten up an everyday snickers at the office just as well as they could adorn a multitude of fancy bridal shower desserts.

To make the miniature lava cakes; microwave to melt 1 cup of chocolate with 10 tablespoons of butter on high for about 90 seconds, stir as you go. Mix in 1/2 cup flour and 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar. Add 3 eggs and 3 egg whites to the bowl and mix well. Finish the batter off with 1 tsp of Vanilla. Bake in small ramekins or a cupcake tray for 10 minutes at 425 degrees. The recipe makes about 10 miniature lava cakes. The cakes are especially wonderful right out of the oven so if you plan to have them after dinner it is best to chill the batter in the cupcake tray and stick in oven to bake and serve hot!

PS. Grateful for nine years of love, travel, babies and gooey chocolate treats.

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leather hearts

In the midst of kid centric Valentine prep I’ve wanted to design something pretty to give away to the people I know over three feet tall. Using leather scraps (found for cheap at local craft stores), a pack of key rings and an exacto knife I put together these leather heart key chains. A little something sweet for the more grown up red heart crowd.

To make these key chains, cut out hearts and strips from textured leather sheets. Use the x-acto knife to “draw” a heart onto a single strip for a guy or other design. Press firmly for a good showing, but be sure not to tear the leather as you draw. Attach your leather piece directly onto the key ring or use a small amount of velvet ribbon to add a girlie touch. Thread the key chains onto simple card stock paper with a kind note for co-workers, teachers and friends.

These heart key chains would also make great wedding favors, see here.

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confetti filled hearts

I made this cute confetti heart DIY for Project Wedding. They are simple to make and easy for your guests to use. Once the string is pulled and the hearts are thrown into the air you will have an instant confetti shower. Always a happy shower to have! See the tutorial here.

Photography by The Prokopets Studio.


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reason to celebrate | threaded hearts

Popping in amidst the sea of challenge inspiration to share a sweet something from the Valentines party I recently styled. Threaded hearts in napkins give a festively crafty feel any type of meal. They were super easy to make and will be so fun to do for whatever your Valentines Day will include. Five am work coffee, kids lunches, romantic dinner in, just a few of the items on my Monday calendar.

Photography by Jackie Wonders

PS. For those of you waiting for the promised Valentines party reveal, I’ve decided to wait until next week. I just cannot handle anymore amazing parties this week, two more to go with the challenge! Thanks for being so kind to our guests, xoxo from me.


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Stamped and stitched hearts

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching I hope my latest design for Project Wedding will be your perfect fit. Save the Date magnets that guests will love even after a celebration has come and gone.

The sweetest Valentines these would be, stamped with a special sentiment of love and a perfect invite to a party this month when attached to a note announcing all the important details. See my full tutorial designed for Project Wedding here.

Photos by Carly Taylor


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Crocheted cake hearts

Happy Monday! I am beyond thrilled to announce this week that I am now one of the contributors for Project Wedding- a site filled with wedding inspiration, real weddings and fabulous DIY projects. I will be contributing a few handcrafted wedding projects each month and my first one was recently posted, a crocheted heart cake topper

This topper comes together in just a few minutes and will give your cake a dash of vintage elegance. See the whole project plus photos and instructions HERE.

Photography by Carly Taylor

PS. Piece this cake topper with my crocheted heart runner for a party table perfected with old fashioned beauty.


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