{because no-sew is the best type of sew}

no-sew felt favor bags

Creating favor bags out of felt is a great way to bring subtle texture to any party. The weightiness of felt makes it seem a bit more thought out than using paper alone, and since the bags can be used again and again, they become their own little favors in themselves. Stashed with candy for a party, electronics for a gift, or even spooky treats for Halloween, they are a fun way to present whatever it is you are sharing this fall.

What really is so fantastic about these no-sew felt goodie bags is that they can be used to give treats to guests at a party, and also be used as a gift bag, and even an iPod travel case! Read on for the detailed instructions.  

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{because there are a few weeks left}

no-sew picnic blanket

Happy August! Something about the transition into this month has my mind filled with Fall already – and with thinking about how we spent our summer. Did you do what you wanted with yours? If there’s something missing – the good news is there are still a few weeks left to make it happen! I wish we had picnicked more, so it is a goal of the next few weeks… and a perfect excuse to jump into this no-sew picnic blanket project. Use it now for the beach and later for Saturday morning soccer games!

I’ve always loved the idea of a reversible and easy to wrap picnic blanket, but I also hate dragging out my sewing machine – so this version is perfect for me. Double layered, lined with oil cloth for waterproof security, easy to throw over my shoulder, and not a stitch of sewing needed… Low-maintenance, exactly how I like the end of summer to be.

To make your own no-sew picnic blanket start, with 2 four feet x four feet (or whatever size you want to make!) lengths of cotton fabric. Choose light and dark, or patterned and plain (the fun thing about this blanket is that it can have 2 personalities). You will also need one piece of oil cloth that matches your fabric dimensions, and iron friendly hemming tape. Read on for the full tutorial.  

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No sew fabric flowers

This is the week that flowers start their season, from red roses for Valentines – through peonies in May. It is the time of year when everything floral feels fresh and pretty. Make a bouquet that will last the whole season long with coordinating shades of your favorite fabric. Use the flowers lined on a string as garland, spread about the table as simple confetti, stitched to a thick ribbon as a bracelet, or put together in succession to spell out whatever your sentiment might be.

These simple floral bunches require no sewing skills beyond a simple hand stitch or two (you could even use glue), making them a simple and easy project to begin a season worth celebrating.

To make the no sew fabric flowers begin with a 3 inch square of fabric…


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reason to celebrate | improv sewing

As many of you know I am familiar, and oddly fearful of my sewing machine. It really takes a lot to make me drag it out and remember the 47 steps to make a straight stitch. When my friend Debra shared with me about her new sewing book… I was nervous it was going to judge me, but it didn’t (hooray!).

The book is so encouraging. It will pep talk any sewing impaired crafter to thread up. The projects are super easy and creative. Some even use basic hand stitches, like sewing paper (awesome right!). Improv Sewing is a book about, “pursuing joy, not pursuing perfection” which I love. Their goal is to try and change the way people think about making things, their mission is to help people get over their fears of messing up and start having more fun when they create.

Debra and Nicole will be putting a celebratory spin on their passion and doing a DIY project for the fall issue of Styled. magazine, you will love it! In the meantime, pick up the book here and check out the inspiring book trailer that Ryan Marshall shot.

Photos taken by Alexandra Grablewski

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no-sew fabric favors

These no-sew fabric favors are the perfect way to incorporate pretty fabrics into a celebration. They don’t even require a sewing machine! See the full tutorial I designed for Project Wedding right here.

PS. No-sew fabric toppers too.

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no-sew bow tie toppers

Miniature bow ties, the perfect tiny toppers for any sort of sweet. I designed this DIY to share at Style Me Pretty yesterday. It turned out to be one of the easiest projects ever. Not even one ounce of sewing involved! Simply pull out the closest glue gun, a piece of fabric and you can have a pile of these little pretties in no time.

No-sew bow tie directions:

  • Cut your fabric of choice to size. For each bow tie cut one 6 inch by 3 inch piece plus another 1 inch by 1 inch piece. You don’t need to worry about the rough fabric edges, they will all be turned under.
  • Turn your fabric so the backside is facing you and fold up the bottom long end and fold down the top long end to meet in the middle.

  • Fold each short end into the half way point, joining them together in the middle and leaving you with the back of a basic bow tie.
  • Hot glue this portion down and together with one small dab in the middle backside of the fabric.

  • Using your fingers scrunch down the backside oft he bow tie creating small pleats. Use a few dabs of glue to secure these pleats and hold into place until the glue dries (about 30 seconds).
  • Take your small piece of fabric and fold it into thirds. Wrap it around the middle of your bow tie and secure on the backside with glue. This little piece should effectively hide all your previous glue dots and will complete the front of your tie nicely.
  • Using one more dot of glue, attach a toothpick or small dowel to the back side of your bow tie.

Stick into your dessert and enjoy.

Photography by Carly Taylor.
Special thanks to the Lisko Artisan Deli and Fish Market for the scrumptious macaroons.

PS. These would also look festive in a deep blue pinstripe for dad’s special breakfast.



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sewn floral bowls

Some of my favorite photos from this spring are of the sewn tulips for Styled.’s ice cream bar. They would be perfect grouped together as a centerpiece and look delicately pretty served on plates when filled with treats.

Make a grouping of sewn floral bowls for your summer celebrations…

Start with blooms that open up nicely (tulips are perfect, roses and lilies would also work). Snip each bloom at the base and carefully shape the petals into place. Using a needle and embroidery thread hand stitch the petals together. The small bowls will nicely hold candy, sauces, garnish or other small treats.

Photography by Carly Taylor for a subtle revelry.


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Hand-sewn party signs

* Welcome to the winter celebration challenge, so fresh and so clean! This DIY project belongs to Jen’s cake and cute shoes celebration.

The hand-sewn signs included in Jen Campbell’s party are completely amazing! In my book, adding style plus DIY texture in one project is the makings of fabulous.

Here is a simple tutorial for you to recreate the hand-sewn EAT sign for your next event:

Using a printed stencil of your word, temporarily attach it to a piece of wood painted to match your decor. Begin tapping in nails around the inside of your stenciled word and continue around each letter. Take note where you will want straight lines to be drawn as each nail will need a parallel nail to attach to.

Choose embroidery thread to compliment your color scheme and tie off one end on the first nail. Begin to wrap the thread around to the parallel nail and wrap multiple times to give a deep texture to the piece. Tie off the thread and continue on down each letter until your word comes into shape.

The process may take a bit of time but the results are completely worth it- seriously gorgeous! This would even be an amazing project to create for a more permanent home fixture.

Thanks for sharing this design and concept with us Jen.


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