pineapple honeycomb wreath

honeycomb pineapple wreath

I am so happy to welcome March this week, with its bright burst of spring it is ALWAYS a sight for sore eyes. I am dreaming of all things warm, and there’s no reason not to revel in the new season quickly approaching; even though our weather might be still catching up.

Brighten up the door, the wall, even the day by harnessing your best warm weather vibes and making this fun pineapple honeycomb wreath. It’s an amazing antidote for those lingering spring dreams.

honeycomb pineapple wreath

pineapple honeycomb wreath

pineapple honeycomb wreath

DIY: pineapple honeycomb wreath

To make the honeycomb pineapple wreath you’ll need a bunch of pineapple honeycombs (affordable ones right here) and a foam wreath frame. The idea could be created with any honeycomb you might want – limes, apples, or a fruit cocktail wreath would be fun!

To create the wreath simply open the honeycombs and use hot glue to attach each one to the wreath form. Connecting the bottoms first and moving around the wreath. Hang with a  length of fishing wire indoors or outside to welcome in the first sunny day of the season.

Photos done in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel Photography for A Subtle Revelry. Find more bright wreaths right here.

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plastic spoon olympic wreaths

Plastic Spoon Laurel Wreaths

Along with the rest of the world, we are thrilled to be watching the Olympics this week. With games starting today and the opening ceremony tomorrow the kids have been dying to have a little Olympic revelry of our own.

Inspired by this pretty white wreath, we decided to try our hand at crafting with plastic spoons and made these vibrant and fun laurel wreaths. A great activity the whole family can get involved with while watching your favorite sports (ours is so obviously the bobsled). Go team USA!

Plastic Spoon Laurel Wreaths

Plastic Spoon Laurel Wreaths

The process to make the wreaths is crazy simple. Purchase a bag of plastic party spoons, these wreaths took about 24 spoons each. Glue the back of one spoon bowl to the handle underneath. It helps the form to also glue the end of the under handle up, that’s what give the wreath such a pretty curve.  

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{because bright is best}

cupcake wrapper wreath

DIY cupcake wrapper wreath | A Subtle Revelry

We finally took down our Christmas wreaths last week. I couldn’t bear to see them go a moment earlier! In their place, I wanted to inject a bit of brightness to offset the wintery weather outside. A collection of bright cupcake wrappers seemed to do the trick. In just about 20 minutes, this pretty wreath was happily adorning my wall.

Although not able to withstand the blizzard we are having today, it is a great accent to brighten up my walls or doors inside. The colorful display will make an adorable back drop for the baby showers and birthday’s we have coming up. Who knew there was such fun decor hiding out in the baking aisle!?!

DIY cupcake wrapper wreath | A Subtle Revelry

DIY cupcake wrapper wreath | A Subtle Revelry

To make the wreath you’ll need a wreath form that measures under 2 inches wide, and a stash of bright colored cupcake wrappers, plus a couple pieces of tape.  

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christmas salsa wreaths

christmas salsa

One of the joys of the holiday season is gathering with our friends and family. It also means that I am often looking for something quick to bring over, or to put out, while we wait for the feasting to begin. In the summer, my favorite appetizer to bring and enjoy is a wonderful homemade salsa from our garden. I’ve been awesomely surprised to figure out it makes a great stand-in for the Christmas season as well.

Adding in an extra dose of bright red diced tomatoes, and using an entire bunch of cilantro, makes the salsa taste amazing and look extra festive for the holiday season. I’m calling it Christmas salsa, if you will.

Christmas Salsa Wreath

I like the appetizer best when served in little wreath bunt dishes, or patterned in a huge wreath on a large plate with a cilantro and tortilla chip bow (guests always love this idea!). The Christmas salsa is festively fun addition to whatever gathering we’re having.


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{because every door needs a bright punch}

bright fabric ball wreath

Changing out the wreath is a yearly fall tradition. This year in keeping with my bright and festive theme for fall I decided on a more colorful display than usual. Since our front door is dark, the bright balls of fabric work well to lighten the entrance and the wreath is colorful enough to hang for any season.

When the door eventually needs a new look again, the bright fabric ball wreath will fit just perfectly inside my sweet girl’s room. Casting a shadow of bright festive fun, that will grow up with her.   

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10 wreaths for fall

Wreaths are one of the simplest ways to dress up a space for any occasion. Traditionally, they are made from Evergreen branches and symbolize strength and unity. If you need a quick decoration to welcome guests at your front door, then these easy wreath tutorials are perfect.

The yarn ball wreath above is a great example of how you can use everyday items to adorn your entrance for fall!  

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