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A bird nest shower

This has been one of the most lovely parties for me to put together lately. The shower is being thrown for a sweet mom-to-be in Portland and it is my first attempt at event planning via cross country post. I put together the design, created the supplies, photographed the set-up and am sending a huge box up north this week for their party. It was a fun challenge for me to work with decor that will ship cheaply and to put a slightly new slant on this very lovely theme.

Our bird nest shower-

The inspiration for the shower came from April’s bird themed nursery decor. Using her starting pieces, we added a few nests and grabbed inspiration from the word chirp to set off our design.

Ribbon birds floated and perched themselves throughout the party. A whimsical welcome as you came through the front door and a large flock flew above the dessert table.

The dessert bar was outset in homemade table runners that mimicked our invitation birdie. We also used large pieces of painted wood throughout the party. Wood has become a favorite way of mine to temporarily liven up a space + by shopping in the “cut as is bin” at your local hardware store a tensey investment of 50 cents can lend to a great party back drop.

The vintage chalked bird postcards lent a classy touch to the dessert table and a separate pack is being used later in the shower to judge which guest can name the most varied types of birds correctly. A set will also be passed on to the mom-to-be as a reminder of her special day.

We had a great time compiling recipes that incorporated our nest theme. Pears & apples set in nests of chocolate. To set the fruit I used a styrofoam apple tray given to me by the nice produce guy at our local grocery store. I simply melted the chocolate and mixed in the coconut and chow-mein noodles, then just let it set for about an hour in the free molds.

We also used a coconut recipe from Martha Stewart to make small nests to top the brownies.

Hanging above the dessert table were two homemade bird houses. I had an incredibly difficult time finding an actual bird house to use so I decided to make my own out of yarn, using directions originally seen for a chandelier years ago @ Ready Made – I adapted them into birdie houses. Yarn adds such a cozy homemade touch to the table and they held popcorn and peanuts for our guests.

Teal M&M’s and a vase of marshmallows finished off our dessert bar. I had been hoping beyond hope to make spun sugar nests to serve as lollipops but I learned that 5am before having my coffee is not the time to pretend I am a gourmet baker! Sadly, I ended up with a kitchen full of sticky globs, not at all the beautiful strands I imagined. Some things are just beyond me at this point and that is okay;)

Over to the side of the birdie desert table we set up a small yellow nest with eggs- hatching blessings for the coming baby. Each guest fills out one of the paper labels with a special blessing for the baby. They will be stuck back in the eggs to be opened at a later time by the mother- a sweet addition for her heart as she awaits her baby girl.

As favors each guest is taking home their own small bird house made out of a plastic Easter egg. Each house has a small envelope inside filled with birdseed and a sweet little “Thank you” enclosed.

To hang the bird houses I had my husband haul home this amazing tree that I found chopped down on the side of the road. I spray painted the dried branch flowers to coordinate with the party and the favors hung right off the branches.

The timing of the party lent itself to a desert bar and light meal to be served. The table for the meal was set to match the decor complete with our ribbon birds standing in as name cards.

I made the ribbon birds and simply included a piece of paper with each guests name stuck in the wings as the birds were drying. The birdie bodies seem just the perfect size for a napkin and silverware.

Against the wall we leaned another piece of painted wood with thrift store frames and free art that I simply printed out at home found HERE . Another example of a homey touch that can be passed on to the mom for an extra special blessing. Plus the prints placed nonchalantly against the wall add a whimsical addition to the shower.

For the meal we served tapas including pasta nests topped with mozzarella ball eggs and pieces of flat-bread in the shape of birds. I used a cookie cutter, pita bread and a fresh spices to make these crunchy, yummy bites.

We also served salads topped with two plastic Easter eggs. One egg held the dressing and the other a nut/cranberry combo. This is one of the ideas that I think would translate fabulously for any spring meal.

A few extra special details helped the new mom-to-be prepare. Little wooden bird pull toys were given to the guests to decorate for the sweet coming baby.

A ruffled bird mobile was a happy welcome to the food area and will go home with mom to be a lovely addition to the nursery.

Lastly, we had our peep show station, you can read more about it HERE. A little corner beckoning guests to stay for one final treat before they return home.

Details and DIY links for this party found @ project 30×30. This is party #3, I hope it blesses you in your spring-Easter-wedding-shower-birthday-lovely-warm party planning.


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  2. chelsea

    23 March

    wow, that looks like a lot of work. well done.

  3. mandi

    23 March

    love it!!! great idea for a baby shower….too bad I don’t have on e coming up :o)

  4. Kim

    23 March

    Amazing, as usual! I love it!

  5. Janice

    24 March

    Simply wonderful!

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  8. missy

    26 March

    wowowowowowo WOW …. so super cute!

  9. thanks for your comment and submission, vicky! you may want to check out my site today ;).


  10. Natalie

    28 March

    absolutely gorgeous…GREAT WORK!

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  12. Kim

    11 April

    Love this party! I am obsessed with birds, so this is great inspiration for my next party!

    Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
    party inspiration

  13. Neisa

    29 April

    I am IN LOVE!!! I dont even know what to say. Those ribbon birdies are simply to die for. I’m putting this up on my blog.

  14. Maria

    23 April

    Can you tell me more about how you made the brown and red yarn bird house which you adapted from Ready Made? I can’t find any directions there. It is really beautiful.

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