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a birthday balloon bouquet

a birthday balloon bouquet

Looking for a fun way to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday? Send them a balloon bouquet made of sweet and kind sayings from their favorite people. I came up with this idea for a recent friend’s birthday and recreated it to photograph and share. It is an easy way to get everyone close to the birthday girl involved in wishing them the happiest!

I cannot think of a better present than the chance to open bundles of envelopes with kind words about my awesomeness included. Read below for the easy directions to create this sweet present.

To create the balloon bouquets you will need small envelopes with cards, balloons, stamps, and larger envelopes.

Start by compiling a list of all the name and addresses you would like to send the package to (a group of the birthday girls closest friends and family is great!). Address and stamp the larger envelopes to this group of people. Then pre-address and stamp each of the small envelopes with the birthday girls address. Put a tiny -do not open until- note on the back of each little envelope.

Next you will need to write out a note of instruction. I wrote mine right on the inside of the envelopes but you could easily include a paper note instead. Copy the little poem above (I won’t tell:) or right up your own directions to send.

The sending packages should each include a little envelope with card, instructions and a balloon! Be sure to send in plenty of time for family and friends to get these back in the mail. I would suggest about 2 weeks before the birthday.

That is all you need to give your favorite friend the most uplifting of birthday presents! The friends/families you send the package to should follow your instructions, write out kind/fun sayings and send off their balloons. As the envelopes come pouring in and the balloons are blown up, they will create a complete bouquet of encouraging words and sweet sentiments for the birthday girl.

Photography by The Prokopets Studio, special thanks to Candace for modeling!




  1. What sweet sentiments!

  2. This is an absolutely sweet and wonderful idea!

  3. Jessica@TWB

    13 September

    Such a fun and interactive way to celebrate a bday. Love!

  4. jenn

    13 September

    This is such a sweet, simple, lovely idea. Definitely stealing it :)

  5. Kelly

    13 September

    What a sweet idea!

  6. bianca

    13 September

    What a cute and tender way to show love to a friend on their birthday…precious!

  7. Tiff

    13 September

    Love this!!

    Question for you or your readers:
    When I have tried writing messages on balloons in the past I run into one problem–the ink doesn’t want to stay put….especially after being run through the postal service (more handling=worse). Messages written with Sharpies tend to start shedding dust (like mascara at the end of a day). I’ve also tried acrylic paint pens; they work great if the paint is allowed to dry fully, but sometimes small pieces fall off once the balloon is deflated.

    Any suggestions?

    • Victoria

      13 September

      Tiff, You can see in one of the photos above that I actually did two applications of the words. I found that really helped the pen to stick better. Also, just like the paint allow your sharpie to dry completely for the best end result!

  8. How ADORABLE is that?!!! Such a great way to make someone feel special on their bday if you can’t be there to celebrate with them :)

  9. Lena

    13 September

    I’m absolutely SMITTEN! And where on Earth are those adorable envelopes from? I need a pile of them!

    • Victoria

      13 September

      Lena, they are actually from the Martha Stewart line sold at Joanns. Way too cute to pass up:)

      • Cally

        27 October

        I used to have a great pen for ballons why I used for 25yrs(!) but when it ran out I tried Sharpies, unfortunatelyt even left to dry for 2 weeks (having to re-inflating a few times as they shrunk) I still got a powdery smeary mess and couldn’t send them. Maybe some Sharpies work better than others? I was using the bullet tipped permanent ones in th ethick grey casing.

  10. Cake Stands Tiers

    13 September

    This is such a sweet idea! Now thinking which friend is celebrating her birthday next so I can pull this off in a jiffy!

  11. domestikate

    13 September

    Oh this is such a lovely idea! Brilliant!

  12. Alessandra

    13 September

    LOVE this idea!!!!

  13. Steph

    13 September

    Great stuff. Love the bright color of the balloons!

  14. Monica

    13 September

    Such a sweet idea!

  15. colores

    14 September

    sweet idea!

  16. Kristin

    14 September

    I absolutely love this idea. It would be so fun to receive a balloon bouquet!

  17. Amanda Smith

    15 September

    This is such a perfect idea for some birthday fun, I would also love to surprise my husband with something like this at work on Valentines or something. Too cute!

  18. Annika

    15 September

    This is such a great idea!!! And just in time to do the same thing for my best friends birthday!!

  19. Pear Tree Greetings

    19 September

    I love this so much! What a great way to reconnect with far-away friends in a meaningful way that doesn’t break the bank! -Steph

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  21. Gabricci

    22 September

    Thank you for this post. I was trying to think of what to give to my little sister for her birthday and this is just perfect. Love it.

  22. aaah! CUTEST idea EVER!!!

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  24. Mary

    28 September

    I love this idea… in fact, I went out and bought all the supplies to try it right away. Like a person above me commented, I can’t get the ink to stick either. I tried doing two applications w/ Sharpie as you suggested, but even after letting it dry for several days, the Sharpie is smearing right off. Suggestions?

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  32. Julia H

    2 June

    I’m a great fan of all your sweet ideas, and this one made smile big time! Congrats on the amazing creativity and the love you want to make people feel :)

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