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A fall wreath & guest notes

The wreath that stood at the center of this morning’s party held sweet little notes for each of the guests in attendance, did you notice that? The project is incredibly simple and would be a great way to set up seating cards, notes, or thank you favors this fall. I did a similar one for our Sly fox baby shower.

Cyd is here to share the details of creating the wreath, with simple materials and a few super easy steps it will be a great addition to any fall celebration.

The materials:
A premade grapevine wreath, floral wire, small manila shipping tags (available at a office supply store such as OfficeMax), a fine point marker, and an assortment of pine cones, acorns, leaves or other natural materials of your choice.

The process:

  • Write each guest’s name with marker on the front of a shipping tag. On the back you can write a special greeting, a wish, a favorite memory or a note of your choosing. Tie each tag to the grapevine wreath.
  • Attach a bit of floral wire to your pine cones by simply wrapping it around the end. You’ll want enough to have about 2” left on either end.
  • Attach the pine cones (or other objects) to the wreath by wrapping the left over floral wire to the grapevine.
  • Arrange pine cones around the wreath and cluster them together as desired, attaching with floral wire as you. Switch up the size, shape and color of your pine cones for nice balance and interest.
  • Hang your completed wreath using a simple hook or drywall screw to greet guests as they arrive – this could be a great idea for escort cards for a larger scale event or harvest-themed dinner party.


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