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A Natural and Bright Holiday

I’m inspired this season by natural elements and bright colors. Before we jump into the Christmas season in full-force this week, here are some of my favorite posts that are perfect for incorporating a bright and natural style this season: hot cocoa ornaments (above).

How to make natural wood garland.

Apple wood cakes stands and a pretty winter display.

Brightly painted Christmas garland.

Simple Star Garland made for a Christmas on the beach.

Free printable wood grain gift tags.

Bright paper wreaths for wrapping or hanging.

PS. Our next magazine issue is coming out this Tuesday – get ready for a massive influx of crafty holiday inspiration!!!

  1. tinajo

    25 November

    Oh, love those tags – beautiful! :-)

  2. Yelle

    25 November

    Such a great collection of holiday inspiration! Gotta love all of those DIY present tags!

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