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a new use for kaleidoscopes

Happy Monday. I have a Project Wedding craft to share with you today that is is one of my favorites. Kaleidoscopes that do double duty as escort cards, they are really fun to make! Follow my design to give your guests the necessary seat direction along with a festive show of confetti and fun. An unexpected bit of whimsy to start off your celebration and week.

Check out the project with detailed instructions.

Photography done for me by Prokopets Studio.



  1. Floating Candles

    19 September

    Thanks a lot for this! This would be great favors for a party! C:

  2. Lena

    19 September

    So darling!

  3. bianca

    19 September

    Those are so pretty! And thrifty!

  4. Stephie

    23 September

    Love it! Stephie x

  5. Hana

    28 September

    What a special idea! Such a magical touch. H xo

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