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a picnic in the sun

For Mother’s Day, the family planned the most adorable picnic outing for me with fancy cheeses, fresh squeezed lemonade, the whole works! It was sweet and made my heart just melt to pieces. We did however have a three year old issue in the middle of it all and had to cut the afternoon short. Thankfully, the sun has not stopped shining this week and we’ve made it up with another picnic to match (I’m one lucky momma).

To make the day special we wrapped store bought cheese in butcher paper and tied it up with twine. We sipped our lemonade out of wooden egg cups and included a large sprinkled cookie to be sure everyone got a piece. This week marks the opening of picnic season for me and I could not be happier to be celebrating in the warm sun and fresh cut grass again this summer.

PS. Last year’s season opening picnic // the year before that // and a printable picnic silverware bag.


  1. I cannot believe how big they are! So cute!

  2. Lena

    16 May

    What a heavenly afternoon!

  3. Completely adorable. I love that cheese flag, using that for our next picnic. Thanks!

  4. Sarah

    16 May

    Ah! I absolutely love this. I am SUCH a sucker for picnics and you took the most lovely pictures. If I wasn’t so pregnant and uncomfortable sitting on the ground I’d totally go on one right now =)

    – Sarah

  5. McKenzie

    17 May

    Aw, this looks absolutely adorable!


  6. Johanna

    17 May

    What a lovely way to celebrate a special day. Your menu is what I would have picked, too. Summer perfection!

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