A princess in pink

I had an amazing time styling this party for a sweet girl named Emery. She wanted princess minus the Disney with a modern flair. The party was held in an outdoor park (we may have received a few odd glances). The space was transformed into a beautiful enchanted pink world, complete with hot pink swing!

Inspired by a yellow beauty I put my husband to work building a fourteen foot light pink frame. We used it to make our thrifted hot-pink dessert desk look purposeful standing in the field. The felt flowers were made by the party mom Jackie, using a tutorial I’ve previously posted HERE.

After lunch the guests enjoyed cupcake with the palest pink sprinkled frosting and a simple homemade white birthday cake with a very large (14 inch) pink candle. I had purposed to buy a similar candle but when I couldn’t find it, my kitchen went to work to create this handcrafted version. Would ever attempt working with wax? It was fun and very messy!

To coordinate with our large hot pink desk I also painted a small dainty desk light pink to serve our raspberry lemonade from, mason jars become the perfect glasses and look lovely with striped straws sticking out!

There were many small girlie touches to our celebration. I made monograms from silhouettes designed by Posh Paperie. We hung them in white painted frames above the dress up table. I also used this silhouette to fancy up the lunch napkins with labels announcing the royal feast.

A child’s party is not complete without games and a bit of whimsy. We create a royal ball (pit) for the occasion along with a royal (coloring) table and for the adults printable kids party bingo.

The favorite detail for the young ones was the princess throne (okay this may have been my favorite detail as well). I collected and covered three full size mattresses that sat under a homemade canopy pushed in against the trees. It became the perfect resting place for princess story time.

A princess popped in for story time which the girls attended after adorning themselves with tiaras, charm bracelets, ribbon wands and princess tattoos.

I completely adored designing this party for such a sweet family and seeing the little girls enjoy becoming princesses for a day gave me more joy then I could have asked for.

Photography credits to the lovely Carly Taylor.

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Posted September 28, 2010
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34 Responses to “A princess in pink”

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  2. chelsea says:

    the signs on the trees, the pink chairs, the bed, the details…. You rock. This is so dang cute! Good job vicki. This is super cute and you rocked yet another party! Great job!

  3. Anneliese says:

    Darling party! I love the drink station.

  4. {DavesWife} says:

    Every detail is simply gorgeous! There are so many ideas here! My Favorite is the Princess Throne too.

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  6. Tabitha Blue says:

    It’s so precious! I love that it’s minus the Disney. My daughter wanted an Alice in Wonderland theme for her fourth, and the only real Disney aspect was having an Alice come to facepaint. :) This party is gorgeous. I’m in love with all the cute pink!!


  7. Melanie says:

    Love the dress-ups, the princess reader, the drink station and the cake. So basically everything is awesome.

  8. Vicky you did such an awesome job with this party. I love every last detail!


  9. Maria says:

    Wow – you did such a great job! That would have been alot of work, but worth it. Just visiting via BYW!

  10. You’ve created such a perfect pink princess birthday! It’s over the top in just the right ways and I’ll be borrowing some ideas, for certain, for my daughter’s next birthday. The princess lounge of mattresses is sublime. I make-sell girly items so the expectations are pretty high for me to create a pretty party. My daughter will be 4 next year so it’s perfect timing for tiaras and dress-up and such. Love it!

  11. i just sent this over to my sister for my neice’s bday party…love all the details!

  12. So darling! Great work ladies!

  13. Shannon says:

    I just found your blog and this is the first post I read and I just wanted to say omg! LOVE!!! I want this party for my daughter! My favorite is the tree signs and swing, or maybe the little daybed, or the seats on the ground…all of it!!

  14. This is so lovely, I love how it is not fussy yet there is such great detail! Great job.

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  18. Margaret says:

    What a beautiful birthday party for a little princess. I love all the ideas and little details. Just gorgeous

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  25. just thought I’d pop over here to check out the candle you referenced from your “15 inch tapers” post – I love it in all it’s imperfection…I actually like it better than the ones from the original picture – I think you may have started something…now I want to make them and have them turn out like this one that survived!

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