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A proposal picnic

I was keeping this party kept tightly sealed over the past few weeks for good reason. It was a design surprise and happily I can announce that indeed she did say, “yes” just the other day.

And now my lovelies will you also say, “yes” this month, to picnicking outdoors with me?

A few of my very favorite details below- photographed before he popped the question by the insanely talented Jackie Wonders.

Hoping this design might inspire you for your own under-tree summer picnic celebration. A picnic would also be quite a lovely way to celebrate an upcoming bridal shower, wedding, or anniversary celebration.

Ribbons hung from trees are weighted in loveliness by wrapping fabric through embroidery hoops. These are the jewels that made our picnic one to be cherished. Whatever the occasion to celebrate, tree branches and ribbons are a great way to start.

Instead of a large, difficult to move meal we opted to serve a sampling of pickies. Itty-bitty bites fit perfectly closed into a vintage suitcase. Mini fabric bunting sets the tote apart.

Small brown bags hold each of the courses lined up in rows. The picnic labels I created became the perfect menu description for the afternoon. These labels would be just as sweet for any serving bag or tray.

Use them for your next outing by downloading the picnic labels here.

Store bought lemonade gets a whimsical chill thanks to a couple of freezing limes dropped in before we left the house. They rested in good form against our covered shoe-box picnic table.

A paper flower was right at home amidst the outdoor terrain- standing at attention boldly atop the layered resting spot. Find the DIY and printable template for it HERE.

Silverware tucked away in custom paper picnic printable bags. The download and DIY for this can be found here.

A homemade pillow made for play (TIC-TAC-TOE) or to rest while enjoying eachother (X-X-O).

The light streamed in as the afternoon wore on and all was still in suspense below while our jewels blew wildly in the wind. Isn’t summer just the most lovely season of them all?

Oh, how I do hope you will be inspired to join us celebrate June by picnicking this month.



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  1. I love your work! I just found you through Make It and Love It. I have already spent too much time browsing :) I also have boy/girl twins, it seems roughly the same age as yours. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks:) Sharon I’m so happy to hear you now have a train-case- The perfect prompting for a picnic, enjoy!

    Marilou, your babies are precious- thanks for saying HI.

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