A pumpkin brunch- sneak peak... • A Subtle Revelry

A pumpkin brunch- sneak peak…

A pumpkin brunch- sneak peak…

I recently styled a pumpkin brunch in a beautiful yard underneath big trees, complete with leaves gently falling down. The design is one of my favorites & you can see sneak peak photos HERE.

As a festive addition to the harvest table I gutted out miniature pumpkins to stack our pancakes in. They are the perfect holding spot for small food- roasted potatoes, other vegetables, or even brownies would be lovely. It was a simple and easy project that will instantly beautify your fall table.

For a fall brunch there is no beating pumpkin pancakes, they are amazing! HERE is a great recipe to use based off Trader Joes pumpkin pancakes in a box that are my all time favorite. Seriously favorite, I eat them almost every weekend of the season!

More to come…

Brunch photo credits to Carly Taylor



  1. Nina Designs

    29 September

    So cute!
    Stop by my blog (if you haven’t yet) and enter the giveaway to win a Nina Designs print!

  2. Lena

    29 September

    What an ingenious concept! Just lovely!

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