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ten year anniversary

In May we took a quick trip to San Francisco to attend a ten year vow renewal. We had a blast celebrating with our dear friends and they incorporated the sweetest ideas. I thought you might want to see…

They gathered a small group of friends at the place where they got engaged and subtly brought in notes from their wedding with the flowers, clothes and simple decorations. We witnessed an exchange of new vows as they shared about all they’ve learned over the past ten years. Not everyone is blessed to live down the street from where they got engaged, but picking a special spot and a few friends to stand by you can really make an anniversary more meaningful.

After a toast and prayer we went to The House for dinner, which I would heartily recommend! They brought their own wines, which each had a special meaning to one year of their marriage. It was fun hearing stories and recalling memories together. A great idea no matter what anniversary year you are celebrating.

We ended the evening with our friends thanking us each for specific ways we’ve encouraged and stood beside them over the past ten years. Because, marriage isn’t always easy, and after ten years you have quite a different view of what exactly what you are celebrating.

Photography by my good friends at Pictilio. If you are looking for San Francisco photographers, they are amazing!

PS. Next spring is our ten year anniversary and I’m hoping for a summer in Italy to celebrate. A girl can dream, right:)


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  1. I think the commitment to marriage should be celebrated so much more then some people do!!! It’s a beautiful thing and I’m glad your friends were able to do so! Congrats to them!

  2. What a sweet celebration! I always kind of thought renewing vows was silly, but now I see it as a lovely reason for celebrating something wonderful! I hope to celebrate each of our anniversaries in a special way. And I hope you do get to Italy next year!

  3. Thanks for standing beside me in an orange dress 10 years ago and in your beautiful yellow (that annelise loved the best!) this year…with lots of love and prayers in between!

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