Welcome to A Subtle Revelry, a lifestyle craft + foodie blog with simple ideas for merrymaking the everyday. Here we firmly believe that revelry should be had daily. Welcome along! If you are a new to the blog…

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A Subtle Revelry the magazine was created in 2011, because I am crazy and thought this little blog, just couldn’t hold everything I wanted to share. I like to think of it as the art of merrymaking in editorial form!


I offer personalized blogging consultations where I chat one-on-one through email and phone conversations to help you create your own profitable and sustainable blogging business.


A Subtle Revelry has been voted one of Babbles 50 best design blogs for moms. We’ve recently been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Living Etc., Southern Style, Good Housekeeping (grandma is proud of that one!), Elle Decor, Artful Blogging and Family Fun magazines. Online, our craftiness has ben featured at the Huffington Post, Apt. Therapy, Martha Stewart, Daily Candy and many others.



I am Victoria, I am a mom to twins who are almost 5! I’m married to my best friend and college sweetheart. He’s also my editor and self-titled V.P. of Common Sense – which I definitely need because left to my own I do crazy things, like hanging cakes up in a tree! I have a huge passion for finding Revelry in the everyday, because life can be hard and every day deserves a celebration.

This is how we teach our kids dinner party manners if you’d like to see.


Do you and your husband the same birthday?

Why I thought you’d never ask! What a normal question. Yes we do! Hence the always combined celebrations. We were actually born in the same hospital within 1/2 an hour of each other – nursery date! We met for the first time in college and married a week after graduation. How’s that for a soulmate! Also, we rented out a Starbucks for our wedding, the best idea ever – you can totally steal it, I won’t tell.

Do you get paid to write posts on this site?

Yes, sometimes. I have a handful of wonderful partners I work with to promote their products – it funds the projects and work I do here daily. To learn more about partnering with us – see here. View my complete advertising and privacy policy – right here.


OMG you have twins? So do I!

This is honestly the title of hundreds of emails I’ve received over the years. Yes, we have twins. No, they do not run in my family. Here’s a quick recap of our experience with IVF, if you are interested. Yes, the first year was brutal – although now I think I have it easier. They are my absolute treasures.

Can I work for A Subtle Revelry?

One of my favorite parts of running this site is the staff team I get to work with. I am always looking to add new talent to the mix! If you are interested in joining up as a contributor email with a link to your site or portfolio and I’ll check it out.

Can you teach me how to grow my blog, make money blogging, or start a new blog?

It was because of all the emails I’ve received that I initially began giving personalized business consultations. It’s a great option if you are interested in launching, growing, or monatizing a blogging site. I share lots of juicy details about our process and the triumphs and trials of building a profitable blog. I also write monthly posts here about blogging, and how it’s a lot like dieting.


Can I use your projects and photos on my site/magazine/TV show or billboard?

Thanks for asking – I’m flattered, really! Having friendly sites feature my work is a HUGE way we’ve grown this site and I am always thankful for a kind mention. Since all the work on this site is protected by copyright, I do have a few rules: Please only feature one photo from any post or project – I do not allow a complete project to be reposted anywhere, anytime. Please always link back to the original article here on my site whenever a photo/idea is run and please always credit the project designer and photographer in your feature. Thanks!

How do you balance it all?

HA! Like every other mom, everywhere – I don’t. However, I am getting a bit smarter lately at dropping jobs I don’t love, hiring more people I do love, and giving myself more time to be creative. Plus, I take regular media sabbaths which helps immensely.

How do I get a book deal?

Getting our first book deal was a surreal experience and I’ve been learning so much in the process! Here are my tips for landing your own book deal – or anything else you want in life, a little bit about my production process and of course you can grab the book right here.