accordion kids birthday crowns

Paper crowns are a birthday party must, and these accordion folds look sweet on kids of any size. A bit of cutting, folding and glueing together is all it takes.

To make the accordion crowns – cut a piece of scrapbook paper into 1 inch sections, then cut each section in half. Accordion fold the smaller sections and use a small dab of glue to connect bottom pieces together – the tops should automatically fan out. Once all the pieces are cut, combine the sections together, flipping every other section over and glueing into place. I first saw this concept when Jessica made a fun accordion style necklace. Connect the folded sections together to create these simple paper crowns. The crowns can be made larger or smaller, depending on the age and head size. I think the smaller version looks darling.

See the rest of the accordion party series and more party hats here.

Photography done in collaboration with Erin Holland. Thanks to R and O for modeling our crowns.

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Posted October 16, 2012
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  1. those are adorable!

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