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Accordion party hats

I’ve had this post in mind for awhile, inspired by the Jean Paul Gaultier’s fashion exhibit I saw last spring. He had a crazy exageratted version of the hat done in a very couture fabric. I immediately gasped at the beauty and simplicity, knowing the hat would look splendid done in paper. As life goes… five months later, I finally got around to making them for a friend’s birthday.

The hats came out so pretty and the concept reminds me of something the cast of Downton Abbey would wear to a ball. Make them for your next birthday and watch with joy as guests willingly wear them, no arm twisting needed.

Make the accordion party hats; begin by gathering 12×12 pieces of scrapbook paper. You will need two pieces to make either hat. For the stacked hat begin by cutting your bottom piece in half and your top piece in fourths. The large hat uses two full sheets.

Accordion fold the paper across horizontally and use a glue gun to connect the pieces together, then fan out into shape. Hot glue the paper accordion onto a headband (use two headbands to hold the weight of the larger hat). It’s that simple and they are seriously too cute!

Thanks to my little girl and Audrey for modeling the hats!

PS. Big accordion wall decorations and more festive party hats here.

  1. Corrie Anne

    7 August

    Those are so sweet!! Love projects that are totally doable with things you have around the house already. My little sisters would love these.

  2. These are just so much fun! Love how you layered one on top of the other using different pattern paper. Such a great idea! Thanks!

  3. Emily

    7 August

    i love this idea as opposed to cone party hats! :)

    With Love,

  4. April

    7 August

    This is such a fun whimsical idea! I found your blog through Pinterest and have spent the evening scrolling through your lovely posts. Your choice of colors, and clever ways of reusing items are so inspirational! I look forward to seeing what you come up with next :)

  5. Pascale

    7 August

    What a great idea!!!

  6. Emma

    8 August

    OMG these are SO amazing!! I LOVE THEM!! :)

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  8. Super cute idea and so chic!

  9. ally

    8 August

    such a great idea! this would be a great tutorial to publish on the online magazine!!

    ally x

  10. Megan H

    9 August

    Those are, quite honestly, the most adorable party hats I have ever seen.

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