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adorable birthday ritual

This creative birthday ritual pulls heavy on my mom heart strings, it is so sweet. Have your child stand in the same place every year, on the same day (their birthday!) and snap a quick photo. What a perfect way to mark milestones and build a keepsake to treasure.

Photos by Yolanda Edwards via Canadian Family.



  1. Tara

    3 March

    I love this idea! I’ll definitely start it when my son turns 1 in November.

  2. what an inspired idea. i can only imagine how these will look when he is a teen, young adult, old man.

  3. Wow! That’s such a sweet idea. Kind of like a modern alternative to doing the pencil markings on the doorway :) I’ll definitely use this one, thank you!

  4. What a great idea! Our birthday ritual was always breakfast in bed and presents in the morning :) Great way to start a birthday if you ask me!

  5. bianca

    3 March

    Love this! What a sweet idea and it would make for a precious photo series of framed photos later on!

  6. Ohhhh my, that is about a million times better than pencil marks on a doorjam. Nicole at Making It Lovely does something similar with her daughter in a rocker. Making mental notes!

  7. that is an absolutely adorable idea!!

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  9. ShaynnaB

    7 March

    What a fantastic idea!!! Wish I had done it with my kids – all grown up now but hey, there are always grandchildren (cant believe I just said that!)

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