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alt recap | what’s your story

I left the family last week and ran off to Utah for the Altitude Design Summit. For the second year in a row, it did not disappoint! The entire conference was filled with great connecting, reminders of why I love what I do and encouragement to make this space even better for us. I had one of my favorite dinners cooked by Stephanie, sat in on great panels and sponsored by Blurb Books, hosted a party on Friday night.

The party was themed, “what’s your story” to parallel the sponsor’s brand. I hosted a truffle and wine tasting and created a very vintage library feel for the evening. Books, heavy wood bars and hundreds of bulbed lights centered the room. Each of the truffles and wines had their own story to tell and the attendees were given note cards to write in their own stories for sharing.

Although a dimly lite vintage party is not normally my style, it was fun to design a space that allowed for connection and conversation. Above the bar was a light display created with large vintage replica bulbs, wire and thick roping. Neon pops showed up throughout the room in painted vases, cute tape and crafted accents.

The story wall was a favorite feature from the evening. I had a graphic brick wall created and heavy lights strung down throughout it. Each guest had a chance to share their own story with the room. It was fun, after such an inspiring conference, to hear quick bits about the dreams and personal brands of my fellow bloggers.

Photos of the night by Cassidy Tuttle and B.A.D. photography.

PS. If you were at the party, you can grab a photo of your story here.


  1. teresita

    24 January

    this tuned out beautiful!! congrats!!

  2. Carrie Rowe

    24 January

    I heard great things about Alt and your party!!!!

  3. domestikate

    24 January

    Wow, Victoria. I love this concept and it all looks so beautiful!

  4. Chelsea C.

    24 January

    Woah woah woah! I came here to let you know how nice it was to meet you and I suddenly saw my face pop up on your gorgeous blog! (That’s me, in the green — Lovely Indeed.) In any case, thanks for including me, and it was so, so lovely to meet you. The wall was one of my favorite things that evening. I’m excited to keep up with what’s next for you! xo

  5. Lena

    24 January

    What an amazing party-the concept really is incredible!

  6. Nikki

    24 January

    You hosted a lovely party. It was so nice meeting you.

  7. LisaDay

    25 January

    What a great party. I like the stories.


  8. Emily

    25 January

    Awesome idea! I will definitely be using this is the future!


  9. Lindsey

    25 January

    Hi there! Someone commented that my “story” had made it on your blog summary! So I came to check it out! Loved the story board idea at the mini party. Thanks for the post!

  10. Victoria

    25 January

    Chelsea, it was super fun to meet you! Thanks for having such a great cute pose next to that wall:)

  11. kat jackson

    25 January

    this looks like so much fun! i love that you took your party style in a totally different direction- and it still came out great. I dream of being at ALT someday!

  12. Liz

    26 January

    It looks like you had a blast! Thanks for posting about your experience.

  13. Hana

    27 January

    Oh Victoria – your Alt party looks amazing! Love the story wall…

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