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aged cloth message for mom

Mother’s Day can be a difficult to plan when there is distance between you and mom. Here is an easy idea that you can whip up this weekend to send her way. A sweet message that will last. Instead of a card, print your words of adoration on a pretty linen tablecloth. If words are not your strength the project would be just as nice with a simple printed heart. Tie up with a pretty bow and instructions to lay out on Mother’s Day.

These instructions are a variation of the fabric printed projects you might have seen before. I’ve often attempted using fabric transfer sheets and have disliked the filmy look they normally produce. This is a great way to use the product and get a beautiful aged effect, almost as if the note had been written long ago.

To make the printed tablecloth purchase 2 yards of your choice of light colored linen (Do not launder before the project). Purchase a pack of iron on transfer sheets and decide what message you’d like to send. Type up the message in black ink and large scale, this one was done at 16×20 inches. Do not flip your writing for this project even though the package will tell you to. Part of the style of this text is that it pops up from underneath the cloth, missing the film outline usually associated with iron on transfers. Print the words by tiling your file.

Using a hard surface, line up and iron on your transfers according to the package directions. You will be ironing them on the under side of your cloth. Peel back the paper and the project is complete. Don’t be too concerned about a perfect finish the project lends itself to an aged, chipped look. Finish off the tablecloth with a trim if you’d like or leave it unfinished. Linen is a perfectly relaxed fabric and does not need to be finished for a great look.


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  1. Can’t tell you how much I love this idea! My mom doesn’t like a lot of “stuff”, but this is useful and meaningful – just perfect for her. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. This is such a great idea, the shiny look of transfer paper always puts me off using. I will definitely be giving this ago, thanks for sharing.

    Lotts x

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