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applewood cake stands

Handcrafted applewood cake plates are the perfect addition for wintry desserts. They easy to make and use only three supplies: applewood, a pretty thrifted plate, and Gorilla glue. The wooden stands will look as if they are an effortless extension of the greenery. Perfectly fit for this time of year!

Start with a piece of wood that has been leveled (using a saw or sander) on each end.  Spread a moderate amount of Gorilla glue over one end, carefully center your plate on top, and place a stack of books on top to allow the glue to thoroughly dry.  Use as the focal point on your dessert table, styling with snowy, monochromatic accents and woodland greenery.

Project design by Rebecca Beach from a daily something (doesn’t she look so pretty seated next to her table above:) and photographed by Rebekah J. Murray Photography.



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