Gushing over an artistic guest book • A Subtle Revelry

Gushing over an artistic guest book

Gushing over an artistic guest book

I am completely smitten over this adorable take on a wedding guest book from Pearls Events recent artistic wedding shoot.

Colorful thumb prints + your guests doddles is pure perfection and not just for a whimsical wedding detail- this would be great at a kids birthday, a holiday party, even a family reunion. My mind is spinning with possibilities:)



  1. Lena

    28 September

    How adorable! Thumb prints are just too sweet!

  2. Molly Smith

    30 September

    My mind is spinning too! This is cute, cute and the framed bride and groom is adorable on its own. Thanks for sharing!

  3. […] party of thumbprints. […]

  4. Andrea

    4 April

    I love this idea! Where did you find stamp pads like that? Also, would you mind sharing what it says in the bride and groom picture?

  5. Sue

    9 June

    What does the frame of bride and groom say? Love this idea!!!!

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