hard candy caramel apples

Hard Candy Caramel Apples

Candied apples are a favorite sweet fall tradition. For a long time I made basic caramel apples, until I realized how simple it is to make a hard candy shell on top. The mixture gives all the sweetness of caramel with an added hard candy crunch – for an enormously special treat. The gorgeous caramel hued candy shell makes the apples pretty enough to serve on their own for dinner parties, brunches, and fancy shindigs all season long.

Hard Candy Caramel Apples

hard Candy Caramel Apples

To make the hard candy apples; combine 2 cups sugar, 1/2 a cup corn syrup, 1/2 a cup caramel, 1/2 a cup hot water in a sauce pan for each apple. Stir consistently until the sugar is dissolved. Continue cooking until the mixture reaches 302 degrees, and stir to fully combine.

Take the mixture off the stove and dip each apple. Use skewers or small branches to making dipping the apples easy, plus they look great once served.

Dip each apple once and then again and again, three times, giving a nice thick candy layer. The mixture will cool fast, so be sure to work quickly.

Set the candied apples out on wax paper squares to cool for a couple minutes before eating. They will keep for a day or two covered on the counter – but are best enjoyed immediatly.

PS. Painted candy apples!

(Photography by Kristy Begg for A Subtle Revelry).

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colorful candies & cocktails

Colorful Candy Wrappers

With all the candy and sweets going around this season, I’ve found our aisles filled with yummy treats that are covered in not so awesome packaging. Whether it’s for a party, bringing treats to school, or sweetening up the office this time of year – making your own candy wrappers is a simple way to add a colorful and pretty touch to whatever treats you might be packing.

Colorful Cocktails

Put smarties in glasses for a sweet and colorful cocktails!

Colorful Candy Wrappers

Colorful Smartie Infused Cocktails

Colorful and bright treats don’t need to stop at the candy aisle either. I love the idea of serving our guests bright and festive drinks this time of year. Infusing club soda or champagne with smarties is a great way to add a sweet touch to the already bright and festive sips. Paired with a roll of handwrapped candy, the drink combo creates a cheers of epic color proportions!

Colorful Candy Wrappers

To make the candy wrappers you will need white tissue paper (the kind used to wrap presents), a couple bright colors of paint, twine, water, and mixing bowls.  

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why don’t we… light a pumpkin party lantern

Pumpkin party lantern

Carving pumpkins doesn’t have to be all spook. Pull out the seeds and get your pumpkins party ready by turning them into lanterns! Hung from the trees, set on the stoop, or carried through the neighborhood… I love the idea of a pumpkin lantern for lighting the night in pretty fall style.

DIY pumpkin lantern

Pumpkin party lantern

Why don’t we make one!?! Start by opening the pumpkin up and removing the seeds (here are 3 yummy ways to bake them). Use a drill with a 1/2 inch fitted drill head for an easy way to quickly carve out circles, or trace and carve by hand. Small dashed lines, hearts, and arrowheads are a couple other patterns that would work well too. Aim for an overall graphic design that will let light out evenly throughout the surface of the pumpkin.

Use thick metal wiring (available at local home improvement stores) to wrap through and over the pumpkin for making a handle. Once the wire is inserted in the design be sure to bend upward and stick the end back through the pumpkin skin to hold in place. Be sure to make your handle long enough to hold the pumpkin at a safe distance from wherever you are hanging it.

Fill the pumpkin with a flickering candle and top it off for a beautifully bright fall lantern. Although, you can use real candles while making these pumpkin party lanterns, flameless candles give the same look with a kid safe/tree safe/fire safe light source.

I am really tempted to make 50 of these beauties to light up our whole front yard for Halloween! Here are a few other crafty ways to create outdoor light this fall: A homemade rope sign | Pretty paper lanterns | Twinkle lights in a lantern are simple and gorgeous | Mini pumpkin candles | Make these garden stake candles | DIY Swedish log flame | Hand painted mason jar lanterns

Cheers to a weekend of carving and lighting!

(Photography by Lior Zilberstein for A Subtle Revelry).

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cookie flavored cinnamon bat rolls

cinnamon bat rolls

I love this season – such treats and goodies! Since having kids, from Halloween until Easter there has been a non-stop treat train happening in our lives. So if I am going to make something to add to that, it had better be worth it. These bat rolls are totally worth it! They are cinnamon rolls at the core, but with an amazing added cookie flavor and yummy frosting that makes them our favorite spooky treat.

cinnamon bat rolls

cinnamon bat rolls

We made these cinnamon bat rolls as an after school playdate treat. They paired great with my afternoon coffee, and the kids quickly devoured them. Even the mom’s were asking for my secret to the sweet flavor inside. I love when that happens:) I’m excited to be partnering up with Coffee-mate this season for a series of posts to bring warmth to our cups, and to encourage us to make it awesome at home.

cinnamon bat rolls

There are two equally great ways to make these cookie flavored cinnamon bat rolls. The first option is to make your own homemade cinnamon rolls, our go-to recipe right here. In place of the the 3/4 whole milk, use 1/2 cup whole milk and 1/4 cup of your favorite Coffee-mate seasonal cookie creamer. We tried out the Coffee-mate Toll House Snickerdoodle and the Coffee-mate Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie for these rolls and they both tasted fabulous. Bake the rolls per recipe instruction, with a wooden kitchen skewer slotted inside to make the bat wing holes.

cookie flavored cinnamon bat rolls

The second option, which is my normal mode for a quick after school playdate, is to grab my favorite packaged cinnamon rolls. To add the awesome Coffee-mate cookie flavors to premade cinnamon rolls; dredge the unbaked cinnamon rolls each in a small bowl of the creamer before baking. Bake according to package instructions with the kitchen skewer placed inside.

Once the rolls are done (while they are still hot) gently brush on another layer of the creamer to soak inside. The flavor combination of cinnamon plus cookie makes these cinnamon rolls moist and tasty.

cinnamon bat rolls

To turn the cookie flavored cinnamon rolls into spooky bats, start by pulling out each kitchen skewer. Loop a length of thick black ribbon over the skewer and rub it back through the rolls. Continue pulling until the ribbon is completely through, then pull out the kitchen skewer. Adjust the ribbon and cut to size for a set of wings that will seriously spook up this treat.

Finish off the rolls by adding black frosting. It can be hard to find black frosting at the store. If you get a chocolate version and it is not black enough, add a small amount of blue food coloring to the frosting to make the black as night bat color. Serve with a sprinkling of stars.  

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color dyed wheat wreath


This fall we are warming up our mantel with a bright, festive wreath made with color dyed wheat. It’s a little bit fraggle rock, a little bit country, loads of fun, and a festive way to welcome guests into our home. The process of bright color dying allows this wheat to work great for welcoming in trick-or-treaters and Thanksgiving feasters alike. One fun project that will brighten up any space all season long.

Color dyed wheat wreath

Color dyed wheat wreath

In straight form, the color dyed wheat makes for a sweet way to finish off favor packages and doggy bags, leaving guests with my favorite bright look of fall.

Color dyed wheat wreath

To make the wreath you’ll need: wheat, a wreath form, pushpins, small clear rubber bands, and paint for dying the wheat.

We tried a couple different dying techniques before finding the right way to get this festive, vibrant color. Fabric dye has a hard time holding to the wheat, and paint dying got a little too clumpy to use. The best way to color dye the wheat is by spraying the color directly onto it. Set the wheat out on an painting canvas and using bright colors (like these) spray directly onto the wheat. Wait for the wheat to fully dry and turn to coat the other side.

You will also want to paint your wreath frame to match the color of the wheat for the most graphic display.  

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angel food eyeball cake

Angel Food Eyeball Cake

With Halloween coming up we are having a blast playing around with a few spooky treats. It is the one time of year that eyeballs, spiders, and other spooky items are found popping up at our house. These angel food eyeball cakes are a great way to get in on the fun. The cakes look like they are watching you… no matter what direction you turn.

Angel Food Eyeball Cake

Angel Food Eyeball Cake

Angel food cakes are great because you can easily make them in any shape or size. A large bunt cake is perfect for an afternoon party, or whole bunch of miniature cakes will have a classroom of kids happily spooked. The decorating is the same no matter the size. Try your hand at homemade angel food cake, or purchase it premade for a show stopping party treat that you can whip up in moments.

Angel Food Eyeball Cake

To make the angel food eyeball cakes; start with angel food cake (either homemade or store bought). You will also need candy eyes, white frosting, and ginger snap cookies.

Generously frost the cakes with the white frosting. While the frosting is still soft, place the cookies around the cake leaving spots between them for the eyeballs. Gently place the eyeballs around the cake. Repeat for each cake, adjusting the amount used based on size.

Angel Food Eyeball Cake

This cake is watching you…

(Photography by Erin Holland for A Subtle Revelry)

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