splatter paint balloons

Splatter paint balloons

I’ve got one last splatter paint project to share. While creating our splatter paint tablecloth and napkins, I realized how pretty the paint would look on a set of white balloons. The result is a festive party look with minimal effort.

I like to think of splatter paint as art for the more lazy inclined. It’s a great way to instantly create a party vibe.

Splatter paint balloons

Splatter paint balloons

splatter paint balloons

Any project must be simple when the instructions take only a sentance: Fill the brush with paint and flick your wrist at the balloons. Splatter paint done.

How to splatter paint

The paint colors can be chosen based on your party concept. With our earlier splatter projects I used a more varied color palette – this time we stuck with a couple similar shades. Although I love both palettes, sticking with similar shades gives the project a more grown-up look.

When painting, it’s easiest to lay one canvas down on the floor, and another canvas hanging behind the balloons to protect surrounding surfaces while you flick. To paint the balloons I separated them, weighted them down with coffee cans, and got painting. Quick tip: change out the balloon string after painting to have clean, no-drip balloon strings.

Splatter paint balloons

I plan to take a break from splatter painting for a few weeks… but I cannot promise, it is seriously just to fun!

PS. Another festive balloon painting idea.

(Photography by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry)

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felt watermelon cake toppers

Felt watermelon cake toppers

In the middle of summer, I eat a diet filled with watermelon. The fruit is so wonderfully refreshing and an icon of the fabulous, laid back days of summer. If you don’t want to go all out and make an actual watermelon cake, or a cake that looks like a watermelon, then these toppers are a simple way to bring the bright tasty fruit into your celebration this season. Or you can use all three ideas, add a pitcher of watermelon soda, and throw an entire watermelon themed party! Summer done right.

Felt watermelon cake toppers

Felt watermelon cake toppers

To make the watermelon cake toppers; you’ll need pink, black and green felt.

Start by cutting a circle out of the pink felt. Cut small triangles from the black. Then cut a hallowed out circle for the green rim of each watermelon.

Fold the watermelons in half (this allows the cake to look great from any direction) and glue the two sides together with a skewer inside. Gently glue the small triangle seeds onto each watermelon.

Felt watermelon cake toppers

Align the watermelons around the cake for a bright and festive summer treat.

(Photography and project design by Claire Cassidy for A Subtle Revelry)

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why don’t we – wear our jewels everyday

Let's wear a fancy necklace

We’ve spent the week in Las Vegas under a very hot summer sun. Most of the time was spent in bathing suits and tank tops – but I did get dressed for one excursion to my favorite store to buy a new set of jewels.

When the sun is blazing not many of us are willing to layer and structure accessories for a party. Who wants to mess with that when its 100 degrees outside? Instead I just throw on the biggest necklace I have. I love how quickly a gorgeous set of jewels instantly changes the look of anything I’m wearing.

I’m sold on the style, and plan to dust of my jewels for daily wearing when I get home. Since I don’t have an unlimited budget – making a few more necklaces will be perfect! While I spend the rest of the weekend sweating and enjoying my new jewels, here are some favorite DIY party necklaces that you could make in an afternoon:

A minimalist necklace made with a plumbing elbow – pipes never looked so pretty:)

Chevron and Ombre out of clay

Layered collar necklace

A clay beaded necklace in the prettiest summer shades.

A southwest inspired necklace made with Popsicle sticks

Felt gems charms that look amazing large or small.

Stone roped necklace

Painted wooden bead necklace

Utility ropes made into gorgeous necklace strands

(Top photo by Classy Girls Wear Pearls.)

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plastic animal stir sticks

Pony run stir sticks

Cups filled with ice and yummy drinks are a staple this time of year. To gussy ours up, I added swizzle sticks and ponies! The playful summer combo is quite refreshing.

The animal stir sticks are great for parties; a cowboy cookout, a western bonfire, or an afternoon princess party. The pony sticks adapt easy and can be reimagined with any plastic animal you can find. They’re equally as rad to cheer up a long summer Wednesday at home.

It’s the little revelries that make everyday feel special.

Pony run stir sticks

Pony toy stir sticks

Create your own pony run swizzle sticks with just a few simple materials. Read on here for the full tutorial and learn my sneaky way to make the paint kid and drink friendly.

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lively work balance

Everyone of us hits a space in life where things seem tipsy, a little chaotic, and euphoric all at the same time. It’s moments like these that I’ve most often found something amazing about to happen.

Writing a post on my work/life balance almost makes me laugh out loud, which is why I decided to title this post something different. Because at the end of the day, work and life are not two opposing ends that I am hoping to balance.

My life is work and work is my life.

Some of that work happens behind a computer. Some of it happens running around town on a photo shoot. Some of it happens while bathing my kids, and cooking their dinners. Some of it happens while helping a friend.

It is all work. It is all life.

I don’t think when we look back on our life one day we will have that clear delineation I often aim for. This was my work… that was my life 50/50. No. We will look back at the entirety of our life, every day, every moment being what we are actually living. Our Life. And we can not do it alone.

When you think about it that way… all the lines of stay-at-home, work-from-home seem to fade away. We are all working, and breaking for lunch, and living, around the clock – it is life.

I learned a long time ago after starting a new business from home the whole work ends/life begins ideal would not work for me. Because, inevitably a child will become ill on a work day, or a book deadline will have to be attended to in my evening hours at home. I’ve decided to stop fighting it and to simply embrace what I am calling my lively work balance.

It’s the balance Matt and I dance around to daily.

It’s all work. It’s all life.


I was writing the ackowledgements for my book a few months ago and realizing how many people actually help me day in and day out. I am grateful for the ways my husband, family, friends and neighbors have jumped in so many times when I’ve needed help with whatever I was doing.

When all of life is work – then everyone becomes my co-worker.  

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how to take bright photos – anywhere

How to take the best travel photos

Having photos to remember trips by is one of my favorite things about traveling. I like to think of them as mini souvenirs we collect along the way. Whether I am snapping shots of the kids in Las Vegas this week, or getting the perfect angle on photo shoot location back home – I’ve learned a great tip along the way for taking bright and festive shots when not I’m not in the studio.

Use your camera's snow setting year around to take the best travel photos.

To make travel photos bright and clean, I use the snow setting on my camera (or phone).

Haven’t we waited months for the opposite of snow you ask? Well yes. But the “snow” setting on my camera is going to give me brighter photos all around. It’s designed to make the whites brighter, it’s naturally going to give the shot a great balance of light achieveing that perfect bright look – no matter how strong the sun is shinning.

I’ve shared this and 8 other traveling photo tips right here, if you’d like to see.

(Top photo by A Beautiful Mess, bottom photo via Classy Girl Wears Pants)

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