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Awards Show Popcorn Tasting Bar

Awards season is upon us starting this Sunday and we love getting together with friends to watch the latest movie winners and see the red carpet looks of the season. Since award show nights always fall on busy Sunday evenings we like to keep the celebration fun and simple. A popcorn tasting bar is a great way to provide treats everyone will love and create an easy party game to enjoy between award announcements. We are partnering with Kernel Season’s today to create our own tasting bar filled with tasty popcorn fun.

Popcorn Tasting Bar

To create a popcorn tasting bar like ours you’ll need:

1. Pop the popcorn according to package directions and use the Kernel Season’s popcorn oil for popcorn that literally tastes like the movie theatre. I am a major critique of popcorn and let me tell you this one is a favorite!

2. Place the popcorn in a series of 4-6 bowls and use the drizzles, seasonings and anything you can imagine to create flavor combinations that will wow your party guests. Mix and match flavors to create your perfect party popcorn!

3. Serve the popcorn in small bags so everyone can try all the flavors and have guests vote via secret ballot for the winning combinations.

Hosting a popcorn tasting bar is a fun way to get in on the voting action of the awards show season and a great idea for hosting a party that is easy peasy to pull together. Once the voting is complete, pour all the popcorns into the bowls and enjoy and evening with the stars.

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