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Baby Shower Games

Whenever you attend a baby shower, the baby shower games are usually the most fun part of the day.

There are so many great options out there from the classic games that have been passed down through the generations to new age games that have been invented by young creatives.

We have a great list of fun baby shower games to try at the next baby shower you go to.

Hat Acrobat Mommy or Daddy Baby Shower Guess Game – 25 Double Sided Cute Greenery

This is a beautifully designed game card with a pretty pink floral design.

Baby shower games mommy and daddy involves guessing whether it is mommy or daddy that the statement best fits.

The winner will be whoever gets the most answers correct. This game is sure to surprise everyone when the answers are revealed.

Pin the Pacifier on the Baby Game

A play on the classic pin the tail on the donkey, this baby shower game idea of pinning the baby pacifier on the baby is a simple but fun game for all guests. The winner is the one that gets the pacifier closest to the baby’s mouth. Lots of laughs are sure to be had with this one.

Family FEUD Baby Shower Edition Card Game

Everyone loves watching an episode of Family Feud, so bringing this game to a baby shower is sure to be entertaining.

This is one of the baby shower games that are actually fun.

Including 150 face-off questions, 50 fast money cards, a dry erase scoreboard, a dry erase marker, and an instruction sheet, this will be one for the books.

Dirty Diaper Scratch Off Game, 30 Cards, Raffle Tickets, Baby Shower Activity

This is a great ice breaker for a baby shower. This baby shower game diaper craze will be an exciting one as everyone scratches the card to reveal if they are a winner.

There are 3 winning cards in a set and you can put together fun prizes to keep everyone motivated and involved.

Candy Bottle Guessing Game for Baby Showers (11 in, Gold, 38 Pieces)

This is one of the sweetest baby shower game ideas. The set comes with a baby bottle to fill with candy and guests need to guess how many are in the bottle.

It also includes elegant gold foil design cards for everyone to write their guesses on.

This is a cute game that can end in deliciousness if you share the candies with the guests after the winner is announced.

The Price Is Right Baby Shower Game Ideas

Adapting an already popular game for a baby shower is always a great idea.

This baby shower game of the price is right involves guests estimating the price of all things baby.

This is sure to get everyone involved and will be fun to see who can get closest to the correct total.

My Water Broke Baby Shower Game (64 Pieces)

Moving away from baby shower games involving writing or questions, this simple one is a crowd-pleaser.

Everyone gets a baby frozen in an ice cube to add to their drink and whoever’s ice melts the fastest to free the baby and yells “my water broke” when it happens, is the winner.

Scattergories Baby Shower Game

Another classic game adapted to a baby theme, this scattergories baby shower game will bring on childhood memories.

Players need to think of items for that category that start with that specific letter, whoever has the most unique answers wins. This beautiful neutral theme can be used for a boy’s or a girl’s baby shower.

Baby Alphabet Baby Shower Game

This one of those baby shower games is easy for guests to play. The full alphabet is given on the card and guests need to then list a baby item starting with that letter. Simple and to the point on gorgeous bee theme stock cards this game is entertaining for everyone.

Fun in The Oven Baby Shower Game

If you will be having guys and girls at the shower then baby shower games co-ed funny options is the way to go.

This game includes 40 question cards and 259 answer cards and whoever gets the most question cards is the winner.

It is fun for all adults and will educate you on things you may not know about pregnancy.

25 Gold Baby Shower Games For Boys or Girls Fun Party Idea Activities Who Knows Mommy Best

Often baby showers include both mom and dad’s family and not everyone may know mom well.

This is a great game to test those who do know the mom to the max and let those who don’t know her, get to know her better.

These gold and white cards will bring a touch of class to the entertainment portion of your event.

Blue Baby Shower Games For Boys – 2 Games Double Sided, 25 Baby Trivia Baby Shower Game, 25 Find The Guest Baby Shower Game

If you want baby shower games boy-related this cute set of 2 games is a winner.

Including a baby shower trivia game and a find the guest baby shower game, guests are sure to learn plenty about babies and each other.

Dessie Baby Shower Games for Girls – Ultimate Girl Baby Shower Set – 9 Unique Girl Baby Shower Games

If your baby shower is all things pink then baby shower games girl-related will be a perfect fit.

This great baby shower set includes 9 unique baby shower games all in pink.

Including Baby Bingo, The Baby Shower Emoji Game, Guess Who Game? ( Mommy / Daddy), Match the Celebrity Baby Name, Find the Baby Related Word, How Well Do You Know Baby?, Nursery Rhyme Game, Baby Predictions, and Advice, and Guess the Size of Mommy’s Tummy.

With this package, you won’t be short of entertainment.

Trying to keep your guests entertained at a baby shower can be a challenge especially when some of them feel they have seen or done it all.

Our comprehensive list will give you plenty of fun baby shower games that guests of all ages can enjoy.

Whether they are one of the classics or a newfound one, these baby shower games are sure to make any baby shower an enjoyable one.