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Black & White Party Ideas: Fun Ideas To Bring Class & Elegance To Your Party

Are you thinking about hosting a party, but bored with the same run-of-the-mill party themes? Are you tired of the same recycled party ideas? You might want to consider a black and white party theme. There are so many excellent black and white party ideas to bring class, elegance, and creativity to your event. 

Consider using this theme for sweet 16 parties, proms, graduations, or even gothic styled Halloween parties. Far from stifling creativity, when you work within the confines of the colors you will discover that some things are just classier when they come in black and white. We’ve selected several fun ideas that you might want to consider for your upcoming event.

Black and White Party Invitations

Show a touch of old world class right from the start with some elegant snail mail invitations. Naturally the invitations will be black and white. Remember to instruct your guests on the required attire for the evening.

Black and White Party Dress

black and white party ideas

It is up to you to decide whether you want it to be more formal attire with tuxedos, bow ties, and fancy evening dresses for the women. Or you can be informal and allow black jeans and white tops for the guys, and white dresses and black tops for the gals. Use your imagination. The choice is yours as long as it adheres to the party’s color restrictions.

Black and White Masks

While black and white parties are ideal for an overall sense of elegance, the theme can easily be adapted to a costume/masquerade party or a Halloween party. 

For creepy, adult, Halloween parties, there are many black and white motifs you can incorporate. Here are some examples: You can give out those distinctive white Michael Myers’ style masks as an homage to the classic Halloween movie. In the mood for something with a more Victorian style creepiness? Consider having a “Woman In Black” theme where the leading character roams throughout the party to scare the dickens out of your guests!  

Black and White Photography

Hire a photographer to take black and white photography. Alternatively you can have a photo booth set up for guests to have their photos taken in black and white. They can take their photos home with them. 

Black and White Party Food Ideas

You would be surprised how much fun you can have by just stocking the party with black and white food. Here are just a few: 

  • Hamburgers and (white) buns. 
  • Pizza with mushrooms and black olives.
  • Black and white cookies.
  • Pasta and meatballs.
  • Tortilla chips with black bean dip.
  • Chocolate and vanilla. 
  • Pina colada. White wine. Milk and coffee.
  • Oreos. Black and white jelly beans. M&M’s. Black and white white candy cane sticks! 

Black and White Balloons

Black and white balloons are elegant. Consider using black and white streamers, black and white candles, and black and white fancy cutlery. Consider the overall decor. Use black and white runners for the tables. Additionally, black lights can add a fun effect to the party. 

Black and White Themed Music

Play music where the titles of the songs include the word “black” or “white” in the titles, or where the bands have “black” and “white” in their names. Personally, we favor heavy metal and classic rock music, so the band “Black Sabbath” immediately comes to mind for our Black and White party’s music playlist.

If your tastes are more subdued, just go with classy ballroom dancing. See if you can rent a vintage gramophone to give your party an old fashioned vibe. It will give the evening an aura of authenticity.

Black and White Film

Select a film from the silent screen era or the silver screen era. Make sure to only serve black and white snacks. Or you can just have a marathon of episodes of classic black and white television series. From “The Three Stooges”, “I Love Lucy” to “The Twilight Zone” series, there are many options to suit different crowds.

Black and White Theme Party Games

black and white party ideas

You can set up game sections around the room where people play black and white games like chess and checkers (only black and white boards), the traditional Chinese game “GO”, dominos, cards, etc. Get a white board and play a version of Pictionary or Hang-Man. Play variations of classic party games such as “Pin the Tail on the Zebra”. If you play games as teams, have a white team and a black team. 

  • Face The Cookie: You already have black and white Oreos (or similar black and white cream-filled cookies) so why not make a game of it? Have players place a cookie on their forehead. See who can get the cookie into their mouth first without using their hands. Let the silliness begin! 
  • Guess The Number of Black and White Gumballs/Jelly beans: Fill a jar with black and white candy and see who can most accurately guess the correct number of sweets inside the jar. The winner takes home the jar, plus another prize of your choice. 
  • Hide and Go Seek: If you have a large sprawling house with lots of rooms and places to hide in, a simple game of “hide and go seek” fits nicely with your theme. Why not complement the search by giving the players flashlights to shine white light into the shadows? It will also make for a safer game. 
  • Shadow Puppets: Turn off the lights and have fun creating shadow puppets on an illuminated wall. Players try to guess the type of animal or object. You can print up instructions for the players to practice with beforehand, in order to learn how to create different shadow puppets.

We’ve given you several clever ideas to incorporate into your black and white themed party. A black and white party can be a lot of fun. You will be surprised at how beautiful and elegant things will look, when you work within the framework of black and white.