Breaking for a sly fox • A Subtle Revelry

Breaking for a sly fox

I have a few lovely DIY’s to share from our pinwheel party but first I needed a break from all the girly party pearls. We are planning a baby shower for a little boy very soon, a sweet sly little fox shower. I am enjoying the rustic boyness of the event details and I thought you might as well.

Our invitations-

You can download the invitations by clicking on the button below. Each download has a page for the invitation holder and a customizable page with the rusty orange fox for party details. The fox is perfectly placed to slyly peak out at our guests beckoning them to join in the upcoming affair.

Print on heavy cardstock paper and fold the outer envelope at the white seams, secure with a glue stick. To create the look of our invitations above add a ribbon tied to the top of the invitations.

These invitations have been a a lovely collaboration of store bought and custom sly fox accenting for me. All images are used with express permission and I am pleased to have the chance to share them with you today!



  1. How great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. […] The invites were an intricate part of the theme for this baby shower, and are available for free download HERE. […]

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