bright paper party chandeliers

Bright paper party chandeliers

Paper is one of my favorite materials to work with and I absolutely adore how easy it is to adorn a space for a party with a few sheets of bright, colorful paper. These chandeliers are a great example of it – with their simple shapes and festive look. They’ll brighten up a room, no electricity needed.

Bright paper party chandeliers

Bright Paper Party Chandeliers

The chandeliers come together quickly with a few paper cuts and hot glue lines. They look fabulous hanging in a group above a table… For a shower or wedding! Amazing:) I also love them lined up along a table or mantel.

Find the printable template I used to create these beauties and more details on their construction right here. I’m dreaming about hanging this batch in my daughter’s room. Party decor used daily is my favorite way to make a home more fun!

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