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Brush Stroke Birthday Cake

Inside: A brush Stroke Birthday Cake

A good birthday cake comes together easily and looks like a fancy design that could have taken hours. Because I care about my people that much… but then also, who has the time!?! This brush stroke birthday cake fits the bill exactly!

With a couple quick steps any cake can be transformed into a gorgeous work of art. I was inspired by this amazing cake and figured there must be an easy way to DIY our own version of the sweet treat.

This brush stroke cake is a perfect way to bring the trend home with an simple application anyone can do and it can be recreated in any color scheme, size or style imaginable.

Brush Stroke Birthday Cake

To make the brush stroke birthday cake you will need:

1. Start by baking the cake of your choice. Allow to cool and frost cake.

2. To make the chocolate brush strokes; prepare pan by covering with parchment paper.

3. Melt candy melts in a bowl using a microwave (follow directions on package) or in a double boiler on the stove top (this was my preferred method).

3. Carefully but quickly – dip a dry pastry brush into bowl of melted chocolate. Then “paint” brush stroke onto parchment. You’ll need to re-apply the chocolate 2-3 times over the brush stroke.

4. Repeat until parchment is covered with brush strokes.

5. Allow chocolate to cool and harden. Peel each “brush stroke” by lifting parchment by the edge and carefully removing chocolate.

6. Repeat these steps if you’re using different colored candy melts.

7. Decorate cake with colored brush strokes, by gently pushing them into the frosted cake. Ta-da! An artist’s rendition of a birthday ready cake. Place a few candles in between the brushstrokes and give to the birthday gal you like the best.

PS. A painted cake and a sand art cake. We like art on our cakes. ;)

(Photography and styling by ©A Subtle Revelry by Athena Plichta.)

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