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braided leather headdress

Celebrating and having fun is really what summer is all about. Whether you are planning a birthday, a playdate, an art and craft camp, or just an afternoon outdoors in the sun, this braided leather headdress will put everyone in a whimsical and happy mood. Make the braided leather headdress by first braiding and tying off the […]

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concerete cake stands

This is one of those projects that after it is done, I think to myself – I’m opening an Etsy shop and selling these for the rest of my life… Then we thought about how much they would be to ship… Oye. Although heavy, these concerete cake stands are a cinch to make. And at at the […]

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food color painted paper plates

With the weather warming up (and our kitchen packed up) we are eating more meals out on the deck. I’ve been wracking my brain for a way to make our paper plates more creative and fun, since the store bought versions never seem all that appealing. Then it dawned on me – food coloring! It is non-toxic, so your guests […]

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french toast baked in oranges

Are you doing anything special to celebrate your mother, or being a mom, this weekend? I am looking forward to enjoying my family and a favorite breakfast of orange French toast, after sleeping in of course (it’s the little things these days!). Baked in oranges, this simple breakfast recipe brings a wow factor to a breakfast in bed tray that any […]

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accordion paper wreath

You may well know that accordion folded paper is one of my favorite things. The simple folds provide a crazy affordable and easy way to create pretty art. This wreath was crafted with about 50 sheets of white printer paper and it makes a gorgeous statement for a home or a party that is well beyond its […]

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