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Christmas is coming! LET'S GET READY


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cake toppers

matchstick candle

I will be sharing a few of the details from our 30th birthday over the next week. We had a super small gathering of just a few close friends, it was relaxed and perfect. Carly captured the details while it was still light out. We sat and chatted the evening away around our backyard bonfire. […]

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Chalkboard flags

I have a fun design secret for you today… Did you know you can make chalkboard paint in any color you would like? Simply add tile grout to your favorites- make a bold red for Christmas, or perhaps the perfect shade of plum to match today’s celebratory mood! Any color you can dream of- they […]

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Fringed fabric cake top

My absolute favorite piece from our game night was this fringed fabric cake topper. It was one of those ideas that hits me late at night and makes me want to jump right up and create, sans sleep. The topper would be a whimsical addition to any party and comes together in only a few […]

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