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Christmas is coming! LET'S GET READY


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Diamond Paper Wreath

This diamond paper wreath can be designed out of any paper color, taking the look from sweet and simple to stunning quite quickly. I love using bright primary colors along with fun textures like polka dots and dashes. Much like the diamond garland we created last year, this colorful piece is both graphic and fun! Mixing the […]

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Bright Ball Light Wreath

I am a huge fan of Christmas lights and honestly wish I could keep them up forever. There is something about the soft glow of a string of lights that sets any room’s mood just right. I do however take my Christmas lights down every year by Jan 15th like a good neighbor. No Griswold […]

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Color block paper wreath

Brighten up the Christmas decor with a colorful holiday wreath. Lauren Clay has long been one of my favorite artists and I love this wreath rendition we’ve created totally inspired by her work. Sometimes fine art can seem unattainable in our everyday house, but taking inspiration and creating our own DIY can result in a […]

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