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Paper Party Cups

It’s not a party until everyone is sipping! These sip sip and fun to go paper cups are a party in themselves. Print a couple with our free download below and take the party with you wherever you are going this week. The paper party cups make any scene more festive. Print them in mass and […]

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A Festive Bar & French Manhattans

I love adding fun details to the spaces we call home. A bar can sometimes feel a bit uptight so it’s a perfect spot for a splash of whimsy. When Chambord suggested we team up to create a festive bar top I knew just what I wanted to create. Vibrant doily baubles that look a […]

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Cantaloupe Martinis

Tis’ the season for New Years resolutions and cantaloupe martinis. This year I can’t seem to wrap my mind around how many of my resolutions seem to contradict each other. Does that ever happen to you? For instance, I want to eat more fruits… but also enjoy more cocktail parties with friends. How do I […]

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Pumpkin jello shots

Halloween is obviously fun for the kids, but when the grown-ups get together their treats should be just as great. A pumpkin re-purposed as a jello shot is the perfect combination of spunk and fun for the spooky night ahead. Our neighborhood really gets into Halloween, at many houses the owners will welcome neighbors with […]

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