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Rainbow Pickled Veggies

Pickling veggies sounds like something I would never do… until I did it once and realized it is crazy easy to do! We started pickling different veggies last year and it has become a little bit of an obsession. You can basically pickle anything and it automatically tastes 100% better! We’ve started making them in advance […]

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Festive Friday: Girl’s Night In

It’s a strange Friday to be sure. With today being the day for the long awaited inauguration, coupled with our month long snowstorm – I just want to hang out on the sofa all weekend long. To combat these winter blues, having a girls night in sounds like exactly the diversion I need. A warm […]

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Bourbon-Soaked Berry Waffle Toast

This post is sponsored by fairlife ultra-filtered milk. Our normal weekly routine for breakfast is incredibly simple. Between juggling work, kids and getting out the door on time, we keep it to a basic hard-boiled egg, toast and fruit. Sustainable and healthy? Yes. Boring? Just a little. So on the weekends when we have more […]

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Perfect Party Pairings

Having a snack that pairs well with your drink can set the stage for a party filled with festive fun. When our drinks and food mesh well, the combination can be even better than either of the elements on their own. And sometimes we surprise ourselves when flavors we never thought would go together, actually […]

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New Years Wish Cake

This post is sponsored by fairlife ultra-filtered milk. We have a New Year’s party every year and I’m always looking for creative traditions that the whole family will love. This wish cake can be made for any size party. It’s a fun way to make predictions for the coming year and enjoy something sweet together to […]

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