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Christmas is coming! LET'S GET READY


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christmas character cookies

I’d like to dub the week before Christmas – “Annual Cookie Week!” It seems that about this time every year we begin to indulge in those little guys. Plates start showing up at the office, school parties are hosted with a request for batches, and friendly neighbors stop by to convince us to taste their […]

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hot cocoa served in oranges

One of my favorite combos is chocolate and orange. Every holiday season we buy one of those amazing balls of orange- chocolate and it’s hard not to gobble up the entire rich and sweet combination immediately. This year, I tried an orange hot cocoa and it blew me away. It was as good as the […]

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painted caramel apples

This time of year is my favorite for a lot of reasons. Most particularly the treats! And of those treats, caramel apples rise quickly to the top. What could be more fun than enjoying a caramel apple? Painting and designing one of course! Did you know caramel can be painted? It’s so fun. Follow our […]

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marbleized popsicles

Refreshing summer popsicles have become quite an addiction around our home this summer. I’ve loved adding fruit to them for cool and healthy summer treats. And when combined with the recent trend of marbleizing, it creates a gorgeous layering effect that makes each pop seem like its own little work of art. Perfect for snacking and sharing on […]

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