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Treats In Miniature

I often start dreaming of the Saturday’s treats on a Wednesday. Since it’s summer we try to keep things a more relaxed and making miniature versions of our favorite sweets is a great way to do that. Not only are miniature treats a fun option for parties – they leave you with no cleanup at all! Meaning […]

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Tropical Slushie Bar

We are in Vegas for the 4th of July this week, which is basically like celebrating on the face of the sun. It is so hot here! To cool off and make an easy way to toast, we whipped up a bar full of fun tropical summer slushies. The tropical slushies are easy to whip […]

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S’more Miniature Houses

We have a slew of friends who seem to be moving this time of year. In an effort to bring something over that is creative and sweet we made these s’more house treats using Dolci Frutta chocolate shell. A fun way to design a miniature version of our favorite friend’s new houses and a sweet housewarming […]

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14 Of The Greatest Cotton Candy Treats

Toast the weekend with cotton candy! We all deserve something sweet for making it through another week. I’m planning to pull out one of our all time favorite treats to savor a few sweet moments this weekend. Topping our champagne glasses… filling the s’mores… really it is nearly magical to me. Cotton candy is basically unicorn […]

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Mom In The Mix – Cereal Yogurt Pops

Getting in the mix of things with the kids when baking, crafting and taking photos isn’t always easy. As a blogger I tend to focus on the styling of a photo or the composition of it more than my concern to be in it. It’s easy for me to focus on the final result of a recipe […]

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