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Peep Cake

Can you guys believe that Easter is one month from today!?! Every year Easter seems to sneak up on me, so this year I’m trying hard to be prepared. This fun Peep cake really gets me in the mood for the season. It is the easiest cake design ever… …as in place the Peeps on the […]

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Lost count cake topper

My husband and I have started planning and scheming for our birthday this year. It’s a funny birthday year because I keep forgetting how old we are. Not in an I’m so old, let’s stay 26 forever kind of way. More in a somewhere in my early thirties and everything just feels like 3o-ish kind of way. […]

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A cotton candy cake binge

Everything is fun and games until your curtains end up stained! This cotton candy cake might look sweet, yummy, and innocent… But the creation of these photos is another story. A couple weeks ago we created this festive cake to show off the concrete cake stand from our upcoming book. It was a tasty project […]

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Cream cheese dip fruity pebble treats

There are sweet treats everywhere I look this time of year. In the sea of sweets, these cream cheese dip fruity pebble treats are on a whole different (amazing!) level. The cream cheese dip is a mixture of cheese filled whip cream goodness that I can not get enough of. A perfectly sweet consistency that […]

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